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The Bikeriders | 6/21/2024 | Focus | Jodie Comer, Austin Butler, Tom Hardy | Jeff Nichols

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100% on RT so far. Overall reviews are solid, but not exceptional. Should be high 60s-70s on MC and I would imagine 80%+ on RT


Hopefully we get a poster and trailer next week. We're less than 3 months to release now. Im sure we'll have it before A Haunting in Venice, but the sooner the better. Getting sick of these under 3 months marketing strategies. Shit does not work. Awareness is just never there


THR reported a $40m budget on this, which I think is a touch too high. If it was like a $30m budget, I could easily see it opening to $10m DOM legging out a bit and being able to hit at least over $60m WW. But I think with that $40m budget it probably needs to target a $15m OW which I'm not too confident in. And I also imagine it'll make the majority of its money in the US


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