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Are You There God vs George Foreman vs Sisu, what will be the biggest opener on the week of April 28th?

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Guessing Big George Foreman will make the most but won't be much of an actual victory since it's probably opening to about $10M or so at most on what is clearly going to be a "calm before the storm" weekend. Won't be surprised if Mario is #1 until Guardians.


Looking forward to Are You There God? It's Me Margaret but a breakout seems highly unlikely. Do think being based on an iconic bestseller should allow it to avoid being just as rejected in theaters as much as the director's previous movie (The Edge of Seventeen) was though.



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Beting Are you there God? will be the highest opener. The book is well known and it has a good cast. 12-15M ow

Foreman 8-10M

However, Mario will still gross more than 15M in its 4th weekend (100M-50M-30M-20M)

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