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Smartest mind in Marvel

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In order:

Reed Richards

Dr Doom

Bruce Banner

Hank Pym

Tony Stark

Hank McCoy

Amadeus Cho

Valeria Richards probbaly has them all beat or will do when she grows up.

they are all as smart as eachother tbh but they have their strengths. One may be able to figure something out before the other does not mean they are smarter. The Mighty Avengers broke into the FF headquarters to retrieve something of Pym's Reed had but wouldn't give it back. When Pym confronted Reed he was in a room that whenever Pym would move forward Reed and the desk he was sitting at would move back at the same rate meaning Pym can never cross the room and grab the device. Pym realized sound can travel across the room no problem so he pulled out a sonic whip to grab the device. Reed thought he had the perfect set up but Pym was able to deduce a flaw.

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Reed Richards is the smartest no doubt. Unfortunately, being the smartest always comes with the dickest, most arrogant, douchiest personality possible. And that is exactly the character of Reed Richards in comparison to others in the Marvel Universe.

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