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Lone Ranger OS Thread

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Anyway, John Carter WW number (285M) seems out of reach. JC exploded in Russia and China (74M from the two). TLR may not reach half of that.

It won't reach it. I hope Latin America or Europe can save it, but I doubt it.
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The Lone Ranger launched in the first wave of international markets and scored $24.3m to combine with the disappointing $48.9m North American debut for an early $73.2m worldwide running total.

Russia posted the top result on $6.6m, followed by $3.2m in Australia, $1.8m in Italy and $1.6m in each of Argentina and South Korea.

The adventure opens next weekend in Brazil, among others, and arrives in Mexico on Jul 19, Japan on Aug 2, France on Aug 7, Germany on Aug 8 and the UK on Aug 9. Spain debuts on Aug 23 and China has not set its date.



The Lone Ranger is having a hard time overcoming bad reviews as it struggled in its day-and-date release in 24 overseas territories. Taylor Kitsch saw a potentially star-making turn prove costly with the failure of last year's John Carter, and Armie Hammer will be hoping that The Lone Ranger can turn its luck around in order to avoid the same mishap. The Gore Verbinski/Johnny Depp combination that proved so successful for Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise fared poorly in the wild west. The Lone Ranger opened midweek in North America to an underwhelming $48.9 million gross. The film was also released in 24 overseas territories, where it only managed to earn $24.3 million. The overseas roll-out represents about 30% of the market for The Lone Ranger. Top markets for the western include Russia ($6.6 M), Australia ($3.2M), Italy ($1.8M), Argentina ($1.6M), and South Korea ($1.6M). The current global total for The Lone Ranger is $73.2 million. 
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Comparing other Westerns OW to Lone Ranger in Israel:


Django: 364K

Lone Ranger: 283K

Rango: 191K

True Grit: 175K

Cowboys and Aliens: 71K


Multipliers from OW:


Django: (2.18M total)

Rango: 5.1 (979K total)

True Grit: 4.9 (858K total)

Cowboy and Aliens: 3.9 (276K total)


The film isn't good, so its legs should be closer to C&A, but its release date is better, so maybe 1.3M total, which isn't too bad considering its performance in the rest of the world.

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