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Japan, Italy and Australia are the last big markets left. 300M won't happen.


It also has mainland China coming up in September. That's after the summer holiday, so it won't make as much as it could have. I'd rather all Hollywood movies get day-and-date releases in China, but every now and then I'm happy when one gets delayed...

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Dampened by a heat wave in Europe, the sequel's international debut was 4 percent behind the 2011 film but still did impressive business. It opened No. 1 in the U.K. ($5.1 million) and No. 2 in France ($4.2 million). In Russia, the pic took in $5.4 million, a third bigger than the original Smurfs. Latin America ponied up a $18 million, led by Brazil ($4.7 million) and Mexico ($4.3 million). A worldwide gross of $500 million isn't out of the question, based on these numbers, according to one insider.
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How much is this looking compared to the firstI had a feeling this would pulls Wrath of the Titans


This. But Wrath of the Titans is not the worst among major sequels. It is Happy Feet Two.


I also have the same feeling about this. I think, also, that The Croods 2 will pull a Wrath of the Titans too.

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 One Difference:The Croods is great...

Not for me. But, independently of opinions, I think The Croods 2 is not gonna have the same impact as the first one unless there is not competition during its run.


Also, Kung Fu Panda was supposedly a beloved film, and I could almost assure that its sequel sold less tickets than the first.

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