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2.15 "The Last Embers"


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  1. 1. Who will be crowned the winner of Box Office Alliance Season 2?

    • Acsc1312
    • CEDAR
  2. 2. Which season of Box Office Alliance did you prefer?

    • Season 1
    • Season 2

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"The Last Embers" - Season 2 Finale (cont.)

Now we get to the moment we've all been waiting for. This is what we started Season 2 to achieve. We made it this far, so let's go just one step further. The fire is dying out, but before the glow ends, there's one final spark that must be accounted for, and it's the hottest spark in the fire.

CEDAR and Acsc have been excellent partners. They're the strongest players in my opinion, although Totem, Xeno, Alfred, and now Doc and riczhang, among others, are up there with them. They put up a stellar run in Season 1, with Acsc making it to the finale, only to lose in second place. Now they put up an incredible run in Season 2 by sticking together all season long, making them the longest lasting team in "Box Office Alliance" history...all of 15 weeks. But in their 15th week together (quite an accomplishment to last that long), the two Shadowkillers had to turn on each other, because in the end only one could be declared the Season Winner.

And this is quite a showdown. This one is closer than the Season 1 Finale, and also more exciting, in my opinion. I must say that because CEDAR and Acsc have been partners all season long, so they really do think a lot alike, as you can see when the results are revealed.

But first, kudos to all who participated, especially to the two finalists who made it this far. But also to JackO, Alfred, and Totem, and to Doc, Fakhir, Xeno, Sims, and Electric, tawasal, InFamous, Goffe, to Rich and Avatarfan, and of course riczhang and Schumacher, and as always, Townzy89. Thank you all for playing and you're all welcome back next season.

And now...it comes.

Question 1






Hmm, Acsc is off to a mighty good start. But then again, in Season 1's Finale, acsc placed higher on the first few questions than Alfred, but Alfred pulled an upset on the last few. For now, acsc is in the lead.

Question 2






No need for alarm. They both zeroed. I guess the question was pretty difficult or offered only a slim room for error. Current scores put acsc in the lead with 46.68% to CEDAR's 29.05%

Question 3






CEDAR takes the third question. But acsc still has a solid lead with 61.00% average to CEDAR's 52.62%. The gap has lessened though.

Question 4






CEDAR takes the fourth question by a narrow margin, but it's not enough to top acsc, who leads with a 60.70% average. CEDAR has a 55.41% average.

Question 5






Thinks are definitely getting more dramatic here and the questions more drastic. CEDAR is catching up to acsc with his current 57.06% average. Acsc stands at 58.86%. The gap is almost gone, but acsc is still in the lead and can consolidate his lead with the next few questions. Let's see them, as these will be the most critical.

Question 6


95.93% (a good score)


99.34% (an excellent score)


This race is really tense. So far acsc has won one question (by a large margin), no one took the 2nd, and CEDAR has won the past four (by narrow margins). The current standings are acsc 65.04%, CEDAR 64.11%. This is really, really close....too close to call yet.

At this point acsc is banging his head in frustration because he's let CEDAR catch up to him way too close now.

Question 7


0.00% (ouch)


0.00% (double ouch)


In another rough question, the odds continue to favor acsc even though CEDAR has drastically caught up to him. Their current scores are Acsc with 55.75% to CEDAR with 54.95%. This is tense.

Everything is going to come down to this final question. The scores are soooo close right now. But who will win?

Keep scrolling

Question 8

It all comes down to the line...now


2.68% (hmm...we'll see)


49.25% (also pretty bad)


Was Question 8 enough to give CEDAR the win? Or is acsc still in first...








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Acsc, you still have a chance to win Player of the Season, though. I'll flesh it out though and post it tomorrow along with Season 3 Registration.

Player of the Season nominees:

-CEDAR (of course)



-riczhang (the wild candidate)


2 rookies, 3 veterans. Only 2 of the veterans were nominated last season.

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The Award for Most Respected Player (NEW)

This award recognizes which player others hold in the highest esteem, the one who may not be liked or feared, but who is respected due to his status. The nominees are:



-The Dark Alfred



The winner of this award is:

XenoZodiac: I have never heard people talk crap about Xeno. There's some joking between him, tawasal, acsc, and CEDAR that goes on at times, but Xeno has always been an admired and well-respected player.


If you took a poll Creator, I am sure someone else would have got more votes than me.

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