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LOTR: The Greatest Trilogy ever?


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  1. 1. LOTR: Greatest trilogy ever?

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TTT and ROTK drop this down massively. If I had to pick other trilogies that are better than LOTR:In no particular order:Star Wars OTIndiana JonesThe MatrixTransformersStar Wars NTThe Dark Knight TrilogyDie HardScreamBack to the FutureBourneSpidermanJust off the top of my head.The problem with LOTR is that it has one truly epic film in FOTR. TTT is fine but saved because of Helms Deep and I don't know what the fuck happened in ROTK as it still hasn't ended some 9 years later. So some of these franchises might have weak films, but LOTR has em too.

I don't agree with all those series being better, but I would say most of them are though.I also felt that FOTR was easily the best of the trilogy. I probably have ROTK a bit higher than TTT, but they are still both pretty far behind FOTR to me.
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I just re-watched the extended versions and I think The Two Towers has to be my least favourite entry. Is this an unpopular opinion? I just found the battle of helms deep to be too central to the overall film, and it definitely suffers from having no definite beginning or end. Also Sam and Frodo don't really make much progress as far as their journey to Mordor is concerned. ROTK is easily the best. Most epic and emotional by far....ROTK: A+FOTR: ATT: AAnyways, yes, this is by far the greatest trilogy in history. All three films would probably make my top 10 list....

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LOTR 100%

Toy Story Trilogy 95%

Star Wars OT 92%

Back to the Future 88%

The Dark Knight Trilogy 86%

Indiana Jones 85%

Bourne 84%

The Matrix 82%

Old Spiderman Trilogy 82%

X-men 80%

Jurassic Park 78%

Transformers 72%

Star Wars PT 70%

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LOTR 9.2/10Toy Story Trilogy 9.0/10Star Wars OT 9.4/10Back to the Future 8.8/10The Dark Knight Trilogy 9.2/10Indiana Jones 8.9/10Bourne 8.2/10The Matrix 8.3/10Old Spiderman Trilogy 8.4/10X-men 8.1/10Jurassic Park 7.9/10Transformers 7.4/10Star Wars PT 7.3/10

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