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Harry Potter Films: Tournament Poll - (POA, GOF, OOTP, HBP)


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  1. 1. Prisoner of Azkaban Vs Half Blood Prince

    • POA
    • HBP
  2. 2. Goblet of Fire Vs Order of the Phoenix

    • GOF
    • OOTP

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I was interested to see which film would come out the winner in a tournament poll where the 1st film is put up against the 8th, 2nd film against the 7th and so on.Once results are finalised by Sunday night I'll start the next phase of the poll.So which film did you like more?

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I voted for HBP and GOF, OOtP is my least favourite and I've always liked GOF for the score and the way it was made. OOTP was butchered by Yates.HBP over POA, this one is probably the hardest option in this round of voting, POA is great but HBP was almost poetic from the time Harry and Dumbeldore leave to find the horcrux until Dumbeldore dies, its probably my favourite part of the whole series.

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This is a tough one. Half Blood Prince and Prisoner of Azkaban are both very good. Half Blood Prince was very well done, and just the ending left me in tears, but still, I think I have to go with Prisoner of Azkaban. Cuaron did a great job, and Sirius is one of my favorite characters, and this is his movie. Prisoner of Azkaban here, but as I said, tough choice.The second one, I will have to go with OOTP. I think Yates did a great job with the movie, and again, Sirius being in it, more than PoA, clearly makes this movie go higher on my preference list. The epic fight between Voldemort and Dumbledore, Sirius death and the possession of Harry (I loved that part, especially with the score and Voldemort looking down at Harry). I liked this more than Goblet of Fire, so OOTP it is!

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PoA, definitely. It's unlike any other Potter film; closest to perfection out of the lot in my eyes, but still ranks 2nd after DH1 for me.And GoF. I can't believe OOTP has so many votes. If they were to re-do one film it should be that one. There are parts of it I love, but it's lacking on so many levels where it had the potential to be absolutely brilliant.

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