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Official IMAX OW Thread

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Here it is again. It is hard to get data for IMAX grosses unless it is an IMAX only release. Often, only OW data is available. Anyway, I no longer have the original data from the BOM thread, so those that can remember the IMAX OW grosses can contribute to this thread as I rebuild the list.

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The Dark Knight Rises - 19M

The Avengers - 15.3M

Deathly Hallows II -15.2M

The Amazing Spider-Man - 14.3M (6-day)

Dark of the Moon -14M

Alice 12.2M

Deathly Hallows I - 11.8M

Mission Impossible 4 - 11M

Skyfall - 10.55M

The Hunger Games - 10.2M

The Hobbit: AUJ - 10.1M

Iron Man 2 - 9.8M

Avatar - 9.5M

Eclipse - 9M

Toy Story 3 - 8.8M

Star Trek - 8.5M

Transformers 2 - 8M

On Stranger Tides - 8.2M

The Dark Knight - 6.3M

Shrek 4 - 4.9M

Spider-Man 3 - $4.7M


Dark of the Moon – 9.1M

ON Stanger Tides - 8.3M (5 days)

Deathly Hallows II – 8M

The Hobbit: AUJ - 4.9M

Deathly Hallows I 4.3M (4 days)

Avatar – 4.1M

Iron Man 2 – 2.25M

Revenge of the Fallen – 2.1M

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