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  1. The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature (2017)

    Is this a challenge baum
  2. War For the Planet of the Apes (2017)

    In my opinion mediocre movies that think they're terrific movies often turn into bad movies
  3. a few things I think are interesting this week: Dunkirk's gonna be the first movie since Wondy to hold at #1 for two weeks. Thank god for Girls' Trip. Was getting concerned not a single comedy was going to land this year. Baby Driver's a legit WOM hit. It's dealt with a ton of adult-driven blockbusters since opening and has braved all of them. 100 mil depends on if its theater count collapses next weekend. Either way I think it's going to be a signal for studios to put quality mid-budget things in the heart of summer because there is an audience that wants something a little smaller. War is a dour, joyless movie and there's no reason for WOM to be particularly pleasant. Not surprised it's collapsing against a far superior adult-driven film. That said, Fox should've known moving back to August would've given the film more room to breathe. Spidey is doing fine but like a lot of you I'm surprised it's not doing a little better. I think July can get very 'movie of the week' and there's a lot of new stuff taking away attention, but its legs might end up closer to Ultron's (which would take it to 281m) than Guardians' (which would take it to 309m). I thought kids would be driving its weekdays like an animated movie. Oh well. lol @ valerian
  4. Asgard blesses us early. SMH 7.4, Apes 7.1, WW 1.2M Tues

    Baby Driver is gonna get oh so so so close to 100 mil DM3's legs haven't been very special but its obligatory huge summer weekdays just reinforce how much of a disaster Cars 3's performance was
  5. Reminder: Inception got a B+ Cinemascore and everyone for weeks was freaking out that audiences wouldn't understand the movie at all much less enjoy it
  6. Don't see how this fails to hit Interstellar's 47m opening with these reviews.
  7. 9m Thurs 14.6m Fri (+60%) 19.4m Sat (+33%) 15m Sun (-23%) 49m (-58%) I don't think Apes is gonna play as direct competition as much as Pixels was to Ant-Man (relatively). I also think WOM for Spidey might be a little stronger...
  8. Marvel's gonna score five straight 100m openings in a row (Guardians 2 through Infinity War). Their brand is reaching the same level of goodwill they hit in 2014 I think.
  9. Would love to see Spidey play like a kids/teen comedy. Its weekdays would be insane.
  10. More interested in the day-to-day holds than opening day. If it's as much of a to-be WOM hit as people claim it could be then it should be mirroring GOTG's holds more than most other comps.
  11. Tbh in a holiday season without The Last Jedi I'm pretty sure this would make 200 mil. It's a bankable cast for family audiences and a very marketable premise. I wouldn't be surprised if it got a slower start opening only five days after VIII but I'd be willing to say 150 million is the floor
  12. I'm at the AMC in Century City 7:20 Wonder Woman: completely sold out 7:20 Transformers in IMAX: 6 people lol lol
  13. If you told me when the original came out this would be a franchise and this one was the CARS 2 I wouldn't have believed you
  14. Sony did a genius move bumping Baby up from August and giving it two random weekdays to build word of mouth. That's an incredible increase from Thursday. Hopefully the onslaught of July won't stop it from reaching a zeitgeist-y point I think the film is about to hit. So happy for Edgar Wright who has deserved a hit for 13 years now. Animation seems to be burnt out this summer. DM3's gonna pull 30% lower than Illumination's average (Pets/DM2/Minions). CARS 3 could have the worst third weekend in Pixar history. Merchandise may be merchandise but Pixar is having its second misfire in two years. And Captain Underpants could've easily been a 100m film if properly marketed.

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