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  1. I would say the last two ... since it will bring all out war between the sides ....
  2. Tomb Raider UNDER 100M

    IN - don't like the actress and hated the trailer ....can't see this going over $75 dom.
  3. Both will and both must, or this forum will implode .....lol
  4. Logan, good but Im not sure if that's even a superhero movie. SMH ehhh so so, GOTGV1 much worse than the 1st. WW hands down above the other 3.
  5. Looks like a JL screening was held for some lucky fans, so far they said it's better that BvS/SS, Epic ... hope that's true. https://www.cosmicbooknews.com/justice-league-said-be-amazing-screening-held
  6. Dam this will be a nail biter ...for my club "SMH under SM3 890 WW".
  7. LOL Seriously , Thor perhaps not. ..but JL will by a mile ..
  8. One will move for sure, it makes no sense to WW to go up against SW. I think WB will be smart and just move WW up a few weeks since SW already had that slot reserve before. I would hate to see either one affected by another.
  9. Yeah IT is it for Horror (lol) -- but yes same here I was one of the one that didn't even think it could even pull of $150M let alone $300m+... Dang IT.
  10. IT Monday 8.8 Guru

    Yep agree. Although WB knows how to market/Advertise the shit out of movies ... so who knows what would happen if this was WB to begin with. Im still flabbergasted by IT's number, it's surreal ....
  11. Holy Smokes ... this is huge. This is a big hit with teens ... seems like my whole neighbor teens have seen this ... my kids highschool are all talking about this. WB is killing it this year.

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