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  1. I agree, this is new and different and could pull in both kids and adults alike ... if it's good I could see it play like a a disney family film.
  2. Yeah very tough market for DC.... Glad at least it's doing well here and Brazil ...
  3. To be fair, the write down won't happen until end of 1Q 2018 at least ...so this hasn't taken into account yet ...
  4. I was so wrong about coco .. this thing is a beast. I thought it would only cater to a specific group, but man it's slaying ..... For JL , at first I thought this time slot might be good ...but after thought it's not at all. Thor took all the Superhero thunder ...and having two Superhero one after another is one too many..especially around the holidays people tend to look for more family movies ...like coco/wonder etc... Also folks are forward looking to StarWar as well ..... so that pretty much leave JL in the dust.
  5. Just hoping this does 700m WW and up.... hopefully the holidays will give it a little boost to get there Under 700m is just not good at all, no matter how we look at it ....
  6. good hold, hopefully it will match FB ...or atleast 16m weekend.
  7. Anything JL can get at this point ....
  8. RTH is mostly more accurate than most site out there....he's been giving info on this forum for a long while now. Although one can't always be 100% ... but just be thankful we are getting info ahead of most places out there.
  9. So this is around 1.5m ? roughly 500K below Thor:R ? Hopefully it picks up.
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