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Transformers: The Last Knight | 6/21/2017 | Big Budget, Weak OW?

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treeroy: 80M

Jesus of Suburbia: 75M

Jay Hollywood: 70M



Adrius: 400M

Alucard: 250M

treeroy: 202M

SentryTrans: 200M

Jesus of Suburbia: 200M

Lordmandeep: 200M

theJosher360: 200M

PDC1987: 190M

Jay Hollywood: 185M



SentryTrans: 1.1B

Adrius: 1.1B

Alucard: 1B

PDC1987: 650m



Adrius: 1.5B

Alucard: 1.25B

treeroy: 1.119B

Jesus of Suburbia: 1B

Lordmandeep: 1B

Jay Hollywood: 915M

TheJosher360: 900M

PDC1987: 840M



SentryTrans: 700M



SentryTrans: 500M

Lordmandeep: 400M

Alucard: 400M

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Hinges on the success of TF4? A 450M+ WW gross would be enough for a sequel with TF4's kind of budget. 450M+ WW for TF would be a disappointment seeing as all in the series have done 700M+ WW and TF4 is not a straight reboot. So what is considered a success for the continuation of the franchise?

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I love Bayformers, but if they have plans for 6 movies, they should end there and give the Transformers a break.They could have an epic 6-part saga. If they keep it epic for 6 films, then I'll be happy, but any more than 6 films is way overdoing it. I'm not sick of these movies yet, but I know there are people who are.

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