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Transformers: The Last Knight | 6/21/2017 | Big Budget, Weak OW?

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I really hope he comes back. I don't want another director. I don't give a shit what people say about him, man is a genius. No one can make spectacle like he does.

Indeed, no other director can do what he can and thats making more explosions.

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He may not have any room on his schedule with DC+Fast+whatever else, but I think Bay should ask Dwayne Johnson again.Also, a reality check - geeks loathe Sam Witwicky, but the GA doesn't. Lack of Shia may well have took a bite out of domestic gross - franchise fatigue, yes, but as with Pirates 4's lack of Bloom and Knightley, the characters nerddom didn't like may well have been missed by everyone else.It doesn't matter what they do, the series is not going to get the Bayless, G1-faithful reboot we all want until it dies in China.

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The Schedule in 2016 is already full:


May (Details)
• Captain America 3 (BV) - 5/6
• Universal R-Rated Comedy (Uni.) - 5/13
• Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass (BV) - 5/27
• X-Men: Apocalypse (Fox) - 5/27

June (Details)
• Sausage Party (Sony) - 6/3
• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (Par.) - 6/3
• Now You See Me 2 (LG/S) - 6/10
• Uncharted (Sony) - 6/10
• Finding Dory (BV) - 6/17
• The Nice Guys (WB) - 6/17
• The Mummy (2016) (Uni.) - 6/24

July (Details)
• Angry Birds (Sony) - 7/1
• The BFG (BV) - 7/1
• Independence Day 2 (Fox) - 7/1
• Tarzan (2016) (WB) - 7/1
• Marvel Untitled (July 2016) (BV) - 7/8
• Ice Age 5 (Fox) - 7/15
• Untitled Next Bourne Chapter (Uni.) - 7/15
• King Arthur (2016) (WB) - 7/22
• Power Rangers (2016) (LGF) - 7/22
• Untitled Planet of the Apes (Fox) - 7/29

August (Details)
• Untitled DC Film (2016) (WB) - 8/5
• Untitled Smurfs Movie (Sony) - 8/5


There's no way for TF5 to get released in Summer 2016

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^Paramount only has one movie for the Summer. Studios have 3-5 Summer movies. June 29 (Wednesday) is open. May 20th, but the competition is already fierce, maybe if Alice or X-Men move. Also could open April 22 this is if the releases year is 2016.

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And neither of these sites have ever broken any news. This is like linking Cosmicbooknews, only much much worse. Expected better sourcing from a mod.

Misunderstood. Was just talking about the director as I believe CJohn was lol'ing at the director not the source.

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