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Winter SOTM 9: Dajk came, saw, conquered and then made a SOTM question too as the final display of his greatness

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So, Dajk was top scorer for Star Wars week and as such was given the privilege nay honour of creating his very own SOTM for you all. This is what you have been given:


Predict which five January (NEW) release films will gross the highest domestically by the end of the game. You may predict as many or as few as you like, However your placements must start at 1st place and work down to 5th, (no choosing 1st, 4th and 5th).


1 place correct score 5000 points

2 correct scores 10,000

3 correct scores 15,000

4 correct scores 25,000

5 correct scores 50,000


If a predicted film finishes in the top 5 but not in the place you predicted, you score 2000 points for that film.


However if ANY film predicted does not finish of the top 5 January releases, you will lose 30000 points.


As any example:


Player A predicts:


1st. Ted 2

2nd. Burnt

3rd. Star Trek


All three finish in the positions above, so Player A wins 15000 points.


Player B predicts:


1st. Ted 2

2nd. Up

3rd. Star Trek


Up actually ends up placing 5th not 2nd, so Player B wins 12000 points (10,000 for 1st and 3rd being perfect plus 2000 for Up being in the top 5).


Player C predicts:


1st. Ted 2

2nd. Dogma

3rd. Star Trek


Dogma finished in 7th place, so Player C loses 30000 points.


Abstain is 2000 points


Deadline is 11:59pm on Thursday January 7th 


Enjoy :)

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