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NUKE IT FROM ORBIT - The Marvel/DC Kobayashi Maru Thread - BVS vs CIVIL WAR (for masochists only) | SPOILERS ALLOWED

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Before BvS, I was neutral. I liked Marvel and I liked DC.


After BvS, I'm firmly on Team Marvel. And I'm on Team Arrowverse. And I'm on Team X-Men. But I am not on Team DC live-Action movies.


(As for the assertion that the audience doesn't know a character, that's why marketing exists. To introduce an audience to a character. A good movie will win over the audiences to the character.)

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9 hours ago, Ethan Hunt said:

I mean I didn't like BvS or really MoS all that much but I still support the DCU. I'm pretty excites for Suicide Squad and have high hopes for the Wonder Woman solo movie


At least Suicide Squad looks like it has a sense of humor about itself.

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