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Don't Breathe 2 | August 13, 2021

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27 minutes ago, stracki said:

Have there been any press screenings for this?

The red band trailer includes quotes from IndieWire, Collider, and Below the Line, so I would think so? But the late embargo doesn't instil confidence. 



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15 hours ago, Napoleon said:

I see no online buzz for this movie, but maybe I'm on a bubble. The trailer has a high number of views (23 million views). Have you guys seen ads for it?


I’ve seen social media adverts but that’s it.

I think I’ve seen the trailer once in cinemas, but no posters. It’s only getting two showtimes at my local, so a similar low-key release to Escape Room 2. 

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This was terrible. Zero tension, zero scares, incoherent plot…



One minute they’re actively trying to drown/electrocute the girl, and the next they’re there to “rescue” her. I know they were only really after her heart, but even so, you probably don’t want to kill her by electrocution if you want a fully functioning heart.


In the first film it was semi-believable that a blind man would know his way around his own house and be able to defend himself, but here he’s practically Daredevil…and trying to make him sympathetic is just the dumbest route they could have taken.


Jane Levy should be glad she wasn’t asked back for this. Utter trash.

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