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grey ghost

Should Disney reboot the prequels in the distant future?

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I'm curious as to how they'd do that. 


"The only things that we're keeping from the original prequels are the characters of Obi Wan, Palpatine, Boba Fett, R2, Anakin, and C3-PO because they're in the OT."?
Change it like how apparently Luke isn't married to Mara Jade in the current movie canon? 


For all their problems, they're here, and they're part of Star Wars. If they cut a lot of the nonsense out of the story but kept some of the framework the same (More focus on Anakin in TPM instead of trade negotiations and Qui Gon, how Anakin feels that no one trusts him), sure.



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6 hours ago, 4815162342 said:



Rebooting the prequels can't be done unless you reboot the whole damn thing.



I just meant changing the origin story of Vader and Obi Wan.


The OT doesn't rely on the prequels. You could build the origins in many different ways.

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