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Winter Game SOTM 10 - Multipliers are all Around

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6 wide (or at least wide-ish) releases are due to hit (or have hit) our screens by December 23nd. They are:


Why Him



Assassin's Creed

Fences  - (Wide upcoming weekend 3 day) 

Rogue One (because Why Not?)


You may choose as many or as few films as you wish. For each film you choose, you must predict what its multiplier (for the opening 3 day, not 5 day) will be come the end of the game.


You must predict to 1 decimal place, no more, no less! 4.6, 11.9, 1.4 - these are eligible numbers to predict.


Scoring is as follows:


correct to within 0.2 higher or lower: 20,000 points

correct to within 0.21 - 0.5 higher or lower: 12000 points

correct to within 0.51 - 0.8 higher or lower: lose 1000 points

correct to within 0.81 - 1.0 higher or lower: lose 5000 points

correct to within 1.01 or more, higher or lower: lose 8000 points


Potential bonuses losses if you predict more than 1 film:


If all of the films you choose to predict score positive points: 7000 bonus points per film predicted.

If all of the films you choose to predict score maximum points: 15000 bonus points per film predicted.


Abstain is worth 2000 points

No prediction loses 5000 points


Deadline is Thursday 22nd December at 11:59pm


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