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Winter Game SOTM 14 - The Number One SOTM

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We are entering the home stretch, just 6 weekends of the game left to go.


So here is the challenge, predict the number one film for each weekend between now and the end of the game:


You may choose as many weekends as you wish to predict, and any weekends are okay for predicting. You want to just predict Weekend 2, 5 and 6 that is fine. 


The scoring is simple:


1 correct prediction: 5,000

2 correct prediction: 12,000

3 correct prediction: 20,000

4 correct prediction: 30,000

5 correct prediction: 50,000

6 correct prediction: 75,000


1 incorrect predictions: lose 4,000

2 incorrect predictions: lose 9,000

3 incorrect predictions: lose 15,000

4 incorrect predictions: lose 22,000

5 incorrect predictions: lose 30,000

6 incorrect predictions: lose 40,000


Bonuses and Quirks:


Predict the second or third place film for all 6 weekends: Win 125,000


Any prediction that fails to make the top 3 for its predicted weekend: Lose an extra 10,000 points 



Abstain: 2000


Deadline is this thursday at 11:59pm

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