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Numbers' Numerical Numbering: Vol. III, A 2016 Top 50 (COUNTDOWN COMPLETE)

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Directed By: Ezra Edelman

Domestic Qualifying Release: May 20, 2016

Thank you based theatrical qualifying run. Without it, The Wave would have been my #50 and my honorable mention would have been....La La Land, so I think the list is better off like this.


O.J.: Made in America is a true American epic, chronicling the rise, fall, salvation, and final destruction of a one-time American legend and sports hero, all amidst the backdrop of troubled race relations in a city that desperately tried to sweep it all under the rug and present only the face of artificial dreams and success to the rest of the country (and world). Clocking in at 467 minutes, the work does an exhaustive and microscopic examination of all aspects of OJ Simpson's life, tracing his evolution into sports star and wannabe actor, and how he effortlessly ingratiated himself into white corporate America and shed his African-American skin like few people have ever been able to do. At such a long running time, you would think there would be points where the action sags, where things stall and time is killed waiting for the next major chronological development, but that never happens. It's a testament to how good the editing is, and how incisive and illuminating the interviews are, that every moment feels essential. The cast of real life people provides an excellent and diverse look behind the scenes of his life and of the infamous trial itself, and we see just how badly things went off the rails and yet how still the case could have been won, even after a cascading array of errors and miscues. In all, you won't find much better examinations of a real American tragedy than this.



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12 minutes ago, chasmmi said:

So am I in the minority of people that considers MOnster Calls to be pretty okay?


Considering only a small minority of people here even saw it, being in a faction of a minority makes you a minority of your own


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The full list:



1. O.J.: Made in America
2. Hell or High Water
3. A Monster Calls
4. Manchester by the Sea
5. Eye in the Sky
6. Nocturnal Animals
7. Everybody Wants Some
8. Zootopia
9. Hacksaw Ridge
10. The Founder
11. Fences
12. Silence
13. The Nice Guys
14. Loving
15. The Lobster
16. Lion
17. Arrival
18. The Handmaiden
19. Love and Friendship
20. Hidden Figures
21. Miss Sloane
22. Rogue One
23. Anthropoid
24. 10 Cloverfield Lane
25. Deepwater Horizon/Patriot’s Day
27. Green Room
28. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
29. Train to Busan
30. Sully
31. Weiner
32. Finding Dory
33. Star Trek Beyond
34. Denial
35. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
36. Bad Moms
37. The Witch
38. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
39. The Jungle Book
40. Midnight Special
41. High Rise
42. Central Intelligence
43. The BFG
44. Sing Street
45. Jason Bourne
46. Money Monster
47. Captain America: Civil War
48. Southside with You
49. The Magnificent Seven
50. Dr. Strange


Honorable Mention: The Wave


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45 minutes ago, 4815162342 said:


Considering only a small minority of people here even saw it, being in a faction of a minority makes you a minority of your own


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THis is my first time being part of a minority group. What are the perks?

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