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"Who is going to tell the truth?

While David Fincher was announced for the directing of "The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair", Genius Films finally said it was Asif Kapadia who will occupy the post.  Asif Kapadia is a director who specializes in documentaries, but who is making his first steps as director in the mini-series produced by David Fincher "Mindhunter".  David Fincher said he was constrained by a schedule conflict, he thinks he can not being able to fully invest in Harry Quebert.  "When a story is so exciting, it deserves a fully invested director." declared Fincher " Working with him on Mindhunter I was surprised by his talent, it is obvious that I proposed him the position of director. I will therefore only be a producer on this film, which will be the Autumn event." Harry Quebert is still slated for release in Autumn (delayed to October 6 though).  The main character of this polar adapted from the French phenomenon book will be portrayed by Ryan Gosling.  The actor, just like the director have already signed for the sequel.


"BWAAAAAAH" They're coming...

Genius Films have proudly announced that their partnership with Ubisoft will go further than the "Rabbids The BIG Adventure" movie scheduled this spring.  While the sequel is currently finalized by Pierre Coffin and his team, a second team, directed this time by Mike Thurmeier is already working ... on the sequel!  Indeed, confident in the potential of the franchise Ubisoft and Genius Films wished to start the work well before the release of the first to prevent the films are too spaced in time.  Currently entitled "Rabbids XMAS" the sequel should be released 18 months after the first part.  It is even rumored that a spin-off centered on Rayman could also be in preparation, and that Genius Films would like to hire Travis Knight to lead the project. We also recall that an another Ubisoft game should be adapted soon by GF: Beyond Good&Evil is indeed in preparation.


(am I using this right ?)

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O$corp Pictures Year 1 Information


Public Eye


Public Eye is a police drama centered around the events of Ferguson. Academy Award winning director Lee Daniels will be leading the film with Josh Hutchinson, Douglas Booth, and John Boyega as the cast. The film is the first motion picture to bring to life the tragic events of Ferguson. With a budget of 30M, the August film is hoping to be an award contender. The film no doubt will be controversial film however director Lee Daniels has stressed that the film will not be a motion picture about the events of Ferguson, but rather a film about systemic racism in America and the stressful situation police officers often face.


Lake of Psychopaths


O$corp Pictures is dedicated to horror films. Lake of Psychopaths will be their first horror picture to hit the big screen. The film is centered around Youtube, box office forums, and Facebook live feed. Director Jaume Collet-Serra has described the film as a horror film about the 21st century. The has a budget of 15M and is set to hit theaters January 13th.....Friday the 13th!


Rendezvous with Rama


Luc Besson returns to the big screen with Rendezvous with Rama. Unlike most sci-fi films, this film isn't heavy on the action sequences but rather relies on stunning visuals and suspenseful story telling to amazing audiences. Based off the novel from the writer of 2001: Space Odyssey, this sci-fi film featuring Idris Elba, Liam Hemsworth, and Rose Byrne hopes to become the first global blockbuster film of Year 1. The 150M film is set to be released in theaters March 3rd, opening the lucrative March month. 


Poison and Wine


Opening the weekend before Valentine's Day, Poison and Wine is strategically placed ahead of not only February 14th, but President's Day weekend. Poison and Wine is many regards the first major LGBT romance drama in cinematic history. Director James Foley, stated that the film will not shy away from same-sex sexual scenes and will full embrace its LGBT plot line. He has also stated this film is intended to be the first film in an romantic serial thriller trilogy. Casey Cott, Colton Haynes, and Margot Robbie are the main actors in the film. Margot Robbie will have a more prominent role in the following films. The 12M film, will feature an R rating and is intended to be an Oscar contender despite being released early the year. 






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An Interview with John Johnson, Founder and Chairman of MV Pictures


On the sudden emergence of his studio despite his complete lack of prior entertainment industry experience:

"Listen. We hear a lot of talk, a lot of baseless rumors, mostly from the other studios, about the long-term viability of MV Pictures. I'm here to tell you we're in this for the long run. Every movie we're releasing this year, bar one, has the potential for a sequel or sequels. We're making the entertainment the people want to see. I envision a long future for all our budding franchises. And of course, we'll have plenty of new properties each year as well. We're taking this very seriously and we intend to not just survive in the business but to thrive in the business. This is not some fly-by-night operation. This is not a Ponzi scheme. This is not a money laundering front. This is all very on the level, very professional."



On the wadded-up hundred dollar bills visibly bulging out of his unbuttoned back pocket:

"Oh, you know. I take Uber rides a lot. Who wants to drive in LA, you know? I like to pay them in cash. That's it. There's nothing suspicious about that, right?"



On his decision to make an Uwe Boll movie his studio's first release:

"Look, I don't get the hate for Uwe. He's a passionate guy, he's a smart guy - he's a doctor for chrissakes. He knows how to finance these genre pictures, he knows his way around tax laws, he's got an extensive filmography. He was running this damn restaurant up in Vancouver and he said he'd quit filmmaking because he couldn't get the money anymore. I told him, I said, look, Uwe, you come work for me, I'll get you the money. You can do whatever you want as long as we can release it wide. None of these 9/11 jokes or anything, but you know, boobs, explosions, blood, cursing, whatever. Just get it done quick and under budget and we won't have a problem.


And I mean, look. There's no such thing as bad publicity, right? Uwe is one of the most talked-about directors on the internet. The guy is well known. He has name value. A studio starting out needs name value. That's why we put Nic Cage in his movie. That was my idea, by the way. And we've got people Uwe's worked with before - Kristanna, Ray, Ron. He knows how to handle 'em. And that Peltz chick - she was in Transformers... something, I can't keep those things straight. But it made a billion bucks. It's gold. And I mean, this one - it's a $15 million movie. It doesn't need to make a billion bucks."



On the studio's second release, Operation Megasquad:

"Yeah, yeah, we got a real coup with that one. May 19th, and we're the first superhero flick of the summer. At least on the schedule now. But you know, all the big tentpoles have been announced, and I don't see any of 'em moving. So I think we're good. And yeah, there's that other one, the garage guy - Shed? Legend of Shed? Yeah, that's a week after us from Gore Verbinski. But I'm not worried. First, the thing I know about people - people are impatient. Usually there's a superhero movie right at the start of May. They gotta wait two weeks for Megasquad. That audience is gonna be starving! They're not gonna wait another week for a guy named after the place you keep your lawnmower. I mean, who the hell is Shed? I don't know. Do you know? We may not have an existing property, but at least our movie sounds cool. Put "operation" in front of anything, it sounds awesome. It's exciting. Same with "mega." We've got both. And there's three of them so they're a squad. Boom! Title. Just the title will print money, I'm telling you. I came up with that one, by the way.


And I mean, besides all that. We've got Sylvester Stallone. The Italian Stallion, man! Dude's an action icon. An Oscar winner. Everyone loves him. He's a bit old for a superhero, so that's why we've got the young guys. That dumb British kid from that band... you know, like New Kids on the Block, but crap. Kid can act though. And his fans are crazy. They'll all buy ten tickets just for him. We've got Kit Harington from that show that everyone talks about but everyone tells everyone not to talk about around them in case they haven't seen it and... look, I dunno, I don't watch that nerd shit, but it's a phenomenon. And Taylor Lautner. Let me - let me ask you something. Have you SEEN Taylor's pecs? They're amazing. Fantastic. I wish my wife had pecs like that. There's a scene in the movie and - get this - he takes his shirt off. Wasn't in the script. No real reason. He's just talking about saving the world or whatever and he takes his shirt off. My idea again."



On releasing Project Classified, a low-budget sci-fi/horror, one week after the high profile genre competitor Metroid:

"Look. You can't compare 'em. Not at all. They're totally different. See, their movie is in space. And they're aliens from space and humans in space, and they're in space at the start and they stay in space. That's what I understand. That's what I've been told. And this movie, our movie - it's about Earth, it's all on Earth, it's - well, mostly it's on Earth, I don't wanna spoil anything. And the thing is, you know - you go ask any guy on the street. Ask them if they've been in space. Probably not, right? Why the hell do they care what happens in space? They ain't ever been there. It's not relatable. People live on Earth, so a story about Earth, you know... that's what catches people's interest. And Metroid is a video game movie. Video game movies are crap. The only person who understood how to make video game movies was Uwe, and he stopped making 'em years ago. They haven't got a hope. We're gonna annihilate Metroid at the box office.



On the studio's biggest release this year, the disaster picture The Screaming Planet:

"Okay, people love disaster movies, for one. Watching stuff get blown up and washed away and burned to a crisp is satisfying. You don't really need a story. All these other disaster pictures, they have too much story. They have these government meetings with these people who talk about how to legislate the tornadoes out of California, or these divorced lovers who get knocked on the head by a flying cow and fall back in love. Or some uppity scientist who knows better than everyone else and no one believes him. Actually, tell you what, we've got one of those scientists in this movie. You know what we do with him? I'm gonna let you in on something. We kill him in the first scene. Right away, just - boom - dead. It's satisfying. Those people are annoying. People buy their tickets to watch landmarks fall over, they don't care about the people.


That's the problem with Roland Emmerich. I know he's got a disaster flick this year too, but you watch. It'll be more of the same. It'll have some cool stuff but it'll feel like ten hours because there's all this nonsense about the characters. That's the thing. He tries to tell a story and the guy just can't do it. He puts in all this story and no one cares and it's terrible and it slows everything down. And yet his movies still make a crap-ton of money. Our director, Breck Eisner - look, he can't tell a story either, so we're not trying. Who needs it? Our picture really moves. You're not gonna be bored for one second. You buy a jumbo soda for a Roland Emmerich movie and you leave to pee in the middle, there's a long line at the restroom, you get back ten minutes later, what did you miss? Not a damn thing. You're gonna want to order the small soda for our movie."



On MV Pictures' only animated film of the year, SWAT Kats:

"Okay, I'll level with you. Cartoons - they just don't do it for me. Too many kids. Who wants to be in a big dark room with these cramped seats and kids running and screaming all over the damn place? And then you give them all this popcorn and this sticky soda and they throw it everywhere. When you leave you need to walk through a car wash. It's insane. Kids shouldn't be allowed in movies. But, y'know, it's not a perfect world, and they are, so we made something for 'em. So we've got a cartoon. And if you're a parent and you can't keep your kid entertained without inflicting him on a crowd full of other people, fine, you know, we've got something for you. It's got bright colors and explosions and talking animal people. They'll like it if they can sit down and shut up for a second."



On releasing a horror movie, Kelsey Came Home, as the fourth in a string of five consecutive back-to-back horror movies in October and November:

"I got two letters and a number for you: PG-13. There are a lot of horror movies scheduled this year, and almost all of them are rated R. All the other ones in October are probably rated R. I mean, that new Jason one's not rated yet, but come on, who's gonna make a PG-13 Jason movie? The only reason anyone sees those is for the blood and guts and breasts. Teenagers want something scary for Halloween. They can't get into any of these other movies without their parents, and they're not gonna take their parents to a horror movie. They wanna go with their girlfriends and cop a feel when they get scared. We come out the weekend before Halloween, and for the high schoolers, we're the only game in town. 


We got Stiles White to direct it, and he did Ouija, and Ouija came out the week before Halloween too. PG-13. That one with the ugly doll came out that month too, and it was a big hit, and everyone thought Ouija looked stupid and the critics tore it apart. They all said Ouija would bomb. Well, Ouija came out, it was PG-13, and the teens went to see it. And it made $50 million. There's no reason we can't do that or better."



On early plans for the studio's second year:

"Yeah, we're gonna do sequels to everything. Everyone loves sequels. That's what it's all about. There's - well - like I said earlier, there's one movie where the way it ends, it doesn't work with a sequel. Again, I'm not gonna spoil anything, so I won't tell you which one. But I dunno. Maybe we can find a way to do a prequel or a spinoff or something. But everything else - look, all our movies are gonna be big hits. I really believe that. Huge. So all of them are getting sequels next year. We haven't started writing any of them yet or anything but, look, sequels are easy. You take the script from the first movie and you change some of the names and words and places. Bam. You're done. Sequel! People will go see it because they saw the last one. That's how it works."



On his rumored personal connections to the Mafia, Yakuza, and Mexican drug cartels:

"Due to pending litigation I have been advised by my many lawyers not to comment."

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A New Studio Arrives On the Scene!


Yes, that's right. Edward Nadny has joined forces with Michelle Haywood to create a new studio, designed to survive in the new paradigm of Hollywood. Blankglass Pictures will proudly distribute twelve films in the next year. First, two films worth highlighting on their slate.


The studio is pleased to announce the cast to a new sci-fi project from David Lowery (Pete's DragonA Ghost Story). The plot and title is to remain a mystery for now, but it is considered to have heavy franchise potential, and is aiming for a PG rating. The budget will be approximately 100M and it is scheduled for release on November 22. The cast is as follows:


- Oakes Fegley (Wonderstruck, Pete's Dragon)

- Rania Nassar in her film debut

- Golden Globe winner Donald Glover (Atlanta, Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Academy Award winner Holly Hunter (The Piano, The Big Sick)

- Academy Award winner Casey Affleck (Manchester by the SeaInterstellar)

- Michael Pena (Ant-Man, American Hustle)

- Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons (Whiplash, The Accountant)

- Chris Pine (Wonder Woman, Hell or High Water)

- Academy Award nominated Woody Harrelson (The MessengerWar for the Planet of the Apes).


They are also excited to announce a live-action reboot to Spark, the famed animated franchise, entitled Spark Rising. It is aiming for a PG-13 rating with a budget of 150M. Directed by the visionary Duffer Brothers (Stranger Things), it is scheduled for release on July 14. The cast is as follows:


- Elle Fanning (The Neon Demon, Maleficent)

- Charlie Heaton (Stranger ThingsShut In)

- Aubrey Plaza (Ingrid Goes WestSafety Not Guaranteed)

- Academy Award nominated Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave, Doctor Strange)

- Golden Globe winner Michelle Pfeiffer (The Fabulous Baker Boys, Batman Returns)

- Golden Globe winner Matt Bomer (The Normal Heart, The Nice Guys)

- Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2Moon)

- Golden Globe winner Laura Dern (Wild, Big Little Lies)

- Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer (The Help, Hidden Figures)

- Academy Award nominated Rinko Kikuchi (BabelPacific Rim)


Furthermore, Blankglass Pictures will tentatively date ten other films for this year, with genres and directors listed next to them:


Lucid - January 13

A sci-fi action film by Chad Stahelski, it stars Nicholas Hoult, Domhnall Gleeson, Clark Gregg, and Denis Leary.


The Ticket Home - February 17

A horror thriller by James Wan, it stars Tom Hardy, Ciaran Hinds, Daisy Ridley, Idris Elba, Sandra Oh, Vanessa Redgrave, and Jack Reynor.


Of Mystique and Maladies - March 17

A comedy noire by Wes Anderson, it stars George Clooney, J.K. Simmons, Omar Sy, Bill Murray, Paul Dano, Emma Thompson, Phillipa Soo, and Frances McDormand.


Paradise Plaza - April 21

A dramedy by Gina Prince-Blythewood, it stars Michael B. Jordan, Sasheer Zamata, Laverne Cox, John C. Reilly, Laura Harrier, Vivica C. Fox, and Ken Jeong.


Marked Up Time - May 26

A sci-fi comedy by Taika Waitiki, it stars Dave Franco, Dane DeHaan, Karen Gillan, Zendaya, Reshma Gajjar, Beck Bennett, and Jemaine Clement.


Me and My Shadow - June 16

An animated comedy by Jennifer Lee, it stars Thomas Middleditch, Bo Burnham, Brie Larson, Alison Brie, Will Forte, Will Arnett, Allison Janney, and Lucy Liu.


Shiverin' Gulch - August 11

An animated western horror by Alex Hirsch, it stars Sandra Bullock, Kristen Schaal, Idris Elba, Michael Keaton, Alfred Molina, and Gil Birmingham.


The Dogs of Babel - September 22

A drama by Destin Daniel Cretton, it stars Hugh Jackman, Hilary Swank and Brie Larson.


The Provider - October 5

A dramatic thriller by David McKenzie, it stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Jake Gyllenhaal, Matt Dillon, Steven Yuen, Kate Mara, and Alfred Molina.


Children of Eden - Biblical Epic/Musical - Ang Lee - December 22

A musical biblical epic by Ang Lee, it stars Lupita Nyong'o, Chris Pine, Shameik Moore, Nat Wolff, and Keith David. 

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MV Pictures' Easter weekend release of the 3D horror pic The Defiler was never a sure thing, especially landing a week after the Stephen King adaptation Salem's Lot. But, according to writer/director Michael J. Bassett, the fledgling studio went behind his back and crossed a line in preparing the fright flick for box office success. Bassett confirms that the version premiering theatrically is not his cut of the film, but what really stings is the way MV Pictures went about it.


"I was told throughout pre-production, shooting, and even editing that we were making an R-rated movie," Bassett said in an exclusive interview. "I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't do PG horror. If you've seen my previous stuff, I like it to be intense, nightmarish. I like to do things you can't do with that rating." Bassett's previous horror films include WildernessDeathwatch, and the especially grotesque Silent Hill: Revelation, all of which were released with an R rating from the MPAA. 


"So I shot my film the way I wanted and I cut it the way I wanted, and there was no interference. I was pretty happy at the time. I felt like they were letting me make the movie I wanted to make. And when the process was over I was told they were submitting it to the ratings board, and to wait to hear back. Well, months went by, and I didn't hear anything, and the people at the studio wouldn't return my calls. And then I see on the MPAA website that they've rated The Defiler and it got a PG-13." 


Bassett was bewildered. "I knew there was no way in hell the cut I'd done would get a PG-13. There was nudity, there was gore, some very disturbing death scenes, multiple f-bombs. And my cut, I knew, was about 100 minutes long. The version the MPAA rated was 91 minutes. So obviously something had happened without me." Bassett contacted his editor, who had no idea what had happened. He pestered the producers until finally he pieced together what had been done with his movie. "Basically the version I cut was never submitted for rating. And they never intended to. After I did my version, they kind of filed it away and sat on it, and brought in another editor to cut out the hard stuff and get it to a PG-13. And that's what went through the whole process with the ratings board, without my involvement."


Bassett says he's been assured his version will be released on home video as an unrated director's cut. But he's less than thrilled with the arrangement. "I mean, it's good that my version will be out there eventually, but I signed on under the impression it would be in cinemas, going wide. This thing that's coming out on the big screen is not my version or any version I can associate myself with. I haven't even seen it and I probably won't. They just wanted the PG because they think it's more money - you know, better for the box office, and with Salem's Lot coming out just before and being R, they think it'll compete better. It was their plan all along. They only wanted the harder footage for the special feature on the DVDs, like a marketing gimmick."


Bassett has confirmed he's spoken with the DGA about having his name removed from the PG-13 version of the movie, but says it's unlikely. "There's a lot of red tape and the studio is fighting me on it," he explains, "And they didn't do re-shoots or anything, so there's no other director who can take the credit - take the blame. So it'd have to be a pseudonym. And the DGA - they don't really do that anymore, not very often. So the best thing I feel I can do at this point is to publicly disown it."

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Production moves forward on 'Metroid', casting for 'Nintendo' leads announced


Cookie Pictures announced today at their first annual shareholders' meeting that production has moved forward on 'Metroid' despite the film's delay from June, Year 1 to an unspecified date in Year 2. Emmy Award-winning director Michelle MacClaren is still set to direct the upcoming sci-fi horror action hybrid and Cookie Pictures CEO and head producer Sebastian Peters announced in a press release the official casting of Brittany Snow as Samus Aran, the main protagonist of the 'Metroid' franchise. In addition, Peters also confirmed the development of an upcoming 'F-Zero' film - based on the racing franchise that's laid dormant since the early 2000s - and that Armie Hammer has been tapped to play series de facto mascot Captain Falcon.





Peters did not confirm a release schedule for 'F-Zero' other than "sometime after Metroid" but a later leak from The Hollywood Reporter suggested that Captain Falcon is set for an early appearance in the forthcoming 'Metroid' film before his solo venture arrives in theaters. Hollywood Reporter could also confirm that Dave Bautista was in talks to play F-Zero supporting player Samurai Goroh in the 'F-Zero' film. No further casting for 'Metroid' could be confirmed.


Speaking about the 'Metroid' film, Sebastian Peters confirmed that the film's story will borrow heavily from Metroid II: The Return of Samus and Super Metroid, centering on the "baby Metroid" storyline from those two classic games. Peters also confirmed they're looking into taking inspiration from the upcoming Metroid: Samus Returns as well as the Metroid Prime line of games, but if so will only be in "small doses". Should 'Metroid' successfully spawn a franchise, the Prime tetralogy would be next on the list to adapt. Regarding 'F-Zero', Peters said the film's story will not borrow directly from any individual game, rather the studio is at work crafting an original story.


As part of a deal struck with @Alpha Pictures, Snow and Hammer are set to reprise their roles as part of their "Nintendo Cinematic Universe", with Cookie Pictures receiving shared production credit and privilege to utilize the Nintendo characters under Alpha Pictures' control for cameo appearances in future 'Metroid' or 'F-Zero' productions.


Excerpt from Cayom Magazine, September Edition

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Runaway, A Road Adventure (February 24)  - Action Comedy Road Trip

Oscar Pill (March 17)  -  3D - Heroic Fantasy

Rabbids: The Big Adventure (March 31) - 3D - Animation/Live Action Comedy
The Curse of Monkey Island (July 4) - IMAX 3D - Adventure

Dangerous Beauty (July 21) - Horror

America! (October 20) - Nature Documentary

Trump's America (November 8 - Wide) - Documentary

Love at first sight (November 17 - Wide) - Romance

the truth about the HARRY QUEBERT affair (December 1) - Crime/Thriller


Almost a drag for the studio, Dangerous Beauty will finally come out in the middle of the summer to avoid the fierce and surprising competition that is expected in September/October. The studio's biggest customer remains on the blockbuster Monkey Island, which is still awaited for Independence Day weekend and will benefit from a record number of theatres. Genius hopes it will be the event of July. With a release in March, Genius sets things straight: he hopes Oscar Pill will be their Hunger Games or Divergent to them. Five books have been released, so as many films could see the light of day. Finally, Harry Quebert's release has been postponed, the reason? The studio hopes that a later release will allow him to increase his Oscar chances. This will also make it possible to stand out from the many thrillers that are released in September/October.

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End of the run for Paul Feig.

While Runaway, A Road Adventure will be released in a few weeks, Genius Films has announced that important changes will be made for the sequel. Still scheduled for Year 2, Runaway - The Dream of the Turtle will be heavily modified. First victim of this decision following the unfavourable reception received by the film? The director, Paul Feig. Feig is simply fired from this sequel, and his script work will be thrown away. And Joe Carnahan was chosen to script and direct the sequel. The objective, a film independent of the first one which will not refer to the events of this one, but also a film with more impressive action, an exotic adventure, and a more present humor.


King Edgar

If The Curse of Monkey Island will only be released in July, Genius Films is more than confident about the film, and is already preparing the sequel. For the studio, it is obvious that Edgar Wright must return to directing. But this one wants other things. It is rumored in Hollywood that Wright is about to sign a contract for two films with Genius Films. He would direct the sequel to Monkey Island, but first he would shoot a more personal film: Rockmance with Lily Collins.


Moore is a Genius

In an excerpt from a forthcoming interview, Genius Films' CEO said that their collaboration with Michael Moore will last regardless of the success of Trump's America, the documentary produced by the studio. "At Genius, we love Michael very much, he has a tone of his own and is unbelievable. It's a pride for a studio like ours to be able to produce this kind of film, and we continue to do it I'm sure."

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MV Pictures CEO Feels "Vindicated" by Early Reaction to BraveStarr


John Johnson, CEO of upstart studio MV Pictures, has had a tough time with the press. First were the accusations he had mob ties, and that the entire studio was simply a money-laundering operation. Then came the news that writer-director Michael J. Bassett had disowned the studio's cut of The Defiler, which was created without his permission or knowledge. And early critical word on Captain Planet was mixed - something Johnson claims to have forseen, "but it won't matter as long as the little idiots take their parents to see it" - while the reaction to The Devil's Hitman has been largely negative. "The press, the internet - they've always hated Uwe," Johnson says of Devil's Hitman director Uwe Boll. "It's a grudge. It's silly. He's fantastic. Really driven, very clear vision. I think it's his best film since BloodRayne. But the critics didn't give that one a fair shake either. It had Meat Loaf, for god's sake - how can you hate a movie with Meat Loaf in it?"


But reviewers' impressions from advance screenings of BraveStarr, the studio's sci-fi western based on an old 80s cartoon, have been surprisingly positive. "I'm glad to see there are some people with some sense," he said, reacting to the unanimous praise the picture has received so far. "This is a movie for everyone. It's got action and lasers and cowboys for the guys. For the girls, there's a horse in it. That's kind of like a pony." Johnson insists that he was counting on this film to be the studio's first big hit of the year even in pre-production. "Look, I fully believed in this project. Everyone at MV Pictures did. In fact, we only had to do one draft of the screenplay. We all looked at it and we said, 'this is perfect, let's not waste time revising it.' You know, the actors were a little confused why there were so many spelling mistakes in their scripts, and why there were these horrific scenes of death and destruction in the middle of this silly space Texas movie. But that's the point, right? Catch 'em off-guard. That's also why we kept the ending a secret before we shot it. From everyone - the actors, the director, the set designers. It kept it fresh. Really comes across onscreen."


Actress Gina Carano, who plays Judge J.B. McBride in the film, claimed on Twitter that when she was e-mailed the final pages of the script containing the ending, the file info revealed it had just been written hours earlier, despite the movie having been in production for over two months at the time. Johnson dismisses this as a misunderstanding. "No, see, the file was just copied to my computer that I e-mailed it from that morning. But it was written before then. Really. I swear."


One aspect BraveStarr is being praised for is the casting of Adam Beach - an actor of native Saulteaux descent - as the titular hero, who was Native American on the cartoon. When asked about the topic of whitewashing in films, Johnson was initially defensive. "Look, look, we made the best decision we could - this Beach guy, he was in Suicide Squad, right? But he didn't get much screentime. So he was looking for another big action role, one he could take the lead with. He was very excited about the project, he was... affordable, and when he read the lines he did good. So I don't think it matters that he's not just like he is in the show." When it was pointed out to Johnson that he was actually being praised for the casting choice's fidelity to the source, he seemed shocked. "Adam Beach is an Indian? What? Are you screwing with me right now?"

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Poison and Wine Reviews and Sequel


As reviews rolling in for Poison and Wine, it appears the hopeful Oscar drama will not be making any appearances at the Year 1 Oscars. While the studio and creative team are disappointed, they are not surprised. The studio has stated that poor reviews are because of the running time, editing, and the taboo subject of LGBT relationships/BDSM sex. James Foley director of the film has already been signed on for the next two projects. He has stated that the studio will not compromise the story or character arches in favor if an Oscar nomination or raving reviews. He stated, "We mapped out this passionate love story from day 1, we aren't going to revise it because of the press reactions. Myself and the creative team want to remain loyal to what we envisioned. Films like this are important, they push cultural boundaries and give representation to the LGBT community. We will not compromise LGBT representation for a bigger audience." He added that the creative team was going to take certain critiques to heart such as editing and run time. While it is impossible to beg the run time of the sequel, James Foley did hint that this first film was going to be the longest by a substantial amount of time. 


Casey Cott, Colton Haynes, and Margot Robbie have all signed on for the sequel and Casey Cott and Colton Haynes have signed on for the third film as well. The studio has stated that Margot Robbie would become a major character in the sequel. When asked in an interview with E! about the story and ending, Casey Cott shared, "Poison and Wine is a slow burn film series, you are gonna to find out by Hunter does the things he does and why Tyler is constantly lured in by Hunter despite Hunter's "abusive" nature. You don't get all the answers in the first film and I don't think you will get them in the sequel as well. You gotta be patient and wait for this amazing story to unroll." Colton Haynes stated that the BDSM aspect, which was focal in the first film would fade to the background in the following films. Haynes believes the sequels will strike the balance of giving representation to the LGBT community as well as become more digestible for mainstream audiences. 


Poison and Wine opens the weekend before Valentine's Day and President's Day weekend. Both these holidays should give the film a good boost after the opening weekend. The studio stated they were strategic in the opening weekend release of the film. Right now the film is tracking to open in the high teens, which would place it as one of the highest opening LGBT films of all time. The studio has stated that currently tracking looks right on target with expectations. The film has a modest budget of 12M, which makes financial success easily attainable. 


Poison and Wine opens February 10th!


The sequel is confirmed for February Year 2. 


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Listen to "Standing Up", The New CHVRCHES Song for "Spark Rising"


Scottish synthpop band CHVRCHES is thrilled to have written the theme song for the acclaimed Y1 potential blockbuster "Spark Rising". Their new song, "Standing Up", plays over the first part of the end credits of the film. The lyrics are provided below.


NOTE: The song is approximately 140bpm, and has several strong drum beats and an intense synthetic sound.


The world that I once knew had been so simple,

But I rolled with the punches and the change.

Here I am, forced to make my mark,

Lest I be stranded in the dark.

How can I face this as I am?


Know that I'm giving it all I've got.

And I know I'll never stand alone.



So now I am

READY TO FIGHT til my very last breath,

I'm prepared to sacrifice,

I'm prepared to lay down my life,

Now that I know what I believe.

So here I am

STANDING UP , my head held so high,

Moments after I'm on the ground,

Moments after  they hear the sound.

And I'll write my own destiny.


When you tried to take away my spirit,

I bet you bought into my charade,

All that I've known has proven so small,

Yet I still believe I can win it all,

Cause I am the lion. I am the lamb.


And time keeps on changing things inside my mind,

Who can tell what things that I may find,

Who can tell what I will leave behind,

Yet I don't regrets the choices I made.


And now I hold every spade.




*Song gets quiet and slower*


Only the powers know what may come of this.

It could be that we may not won.

But  I won't cry, because my heart is full of bliss.

You have no idea, what we have just begun.





CHORUS, this time up an octave.


And time keeps on changing things inside my mind,

Who can tell what things that I may find,

Who can tell what I will leave behind,

Yet I don't regrets the choices I made.

I'm Standing Up!






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Cookie Pictures Reveals Tentative Y2 Lineup

Studio unveils packed schedule for sophomore year


During a post-shareholders meeting conference call Cookie Pictures CEO Sebastian Peters publicly unveiled the studio's tentative Year 2 tentpole lineup, putting heavy workload on the studio's animation division, Cookie Pictures Animation.


From the studio's live-action division comes Metroid - the delayed sci-fi action horror directed by Michelle MacLaren, Countdown to Extinction - a dinosaur time travel adventure and an official confirmation of F-Zerothe sci-fi action racing film based on the Nintendo franchise, with Justin Lin confirmed to direct. The animation division will be handling four productions next year, one for each quarter. The Shadow Entities - a fantasy adventure directed by Ethan Spaulding, Mech Suit Heroine Rita - a superhero film starring a girl with robot legs directed by Ki Hyun Ryu, The Scavenger Wars - a sci-fi epic directed by Voltron creator Joaquim Dos Santos and Splatoon - Cookie Pictures third Nintendo-based production and Animation's first foray into a fully CGI feature. The former three of those films have scripts shepherded by Sebastian Peters himself, dubbing them as "personal" and that all three will "connect" in some way.


Cookie Pictures would also announce that based on tracking and positive reviews pre-production has already started on sequels to Voltron: Defenders of the Universe, the first of which is set to be released in Year 3. Cookie Pictures will detail this and their Year 2 lineup in a year-end press conference.


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