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A few new releases....


January Y2: Walking with You (dir. Francis Lawrence) - Romantic/Drama/Action

February Y2: Frindle (dir. Mark Waters) - Family Comedy

March Y2: Paddles: The Video Game Story (dir. Roger Ross Williams) - Documentary

April Y2: The Archivist (dir. Gavin O'Connor) - Drama/Mystery/Thriller

August Y2: After Party (dir. Trey Edward Shultz) - Drama/Horror/Thriller


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Shane Black to helm 'Voltron' sequel

Cookie Pictures confirms production on 'Voltron: Rise of Lotor' for December Y2




Following boosted investor confidence as a result of the back-to-back successes of Second to Singapore, The Adventures of Scrooge McDuck and Voltron: Defenders of the Universe - the latter of which became the first film in Y1 to make over $100 million in three days - Cookie Pictures confirmed today that the previously untitled Shane Black sci-fi action tentpole slated for December 14th next year is actually Voltron: Rise of Lotor, the sequel to one of summer Y1's already biggest hits. Cookie Pictures is fast-tracking production with Black at the helm - previous director Jon Favreau is said to take a producer role - and shooting is already slated for the end of summer lasting 'til the end of the year. "We had a few script treatments ready to go before Voltron opened" says Cookie Pictures CEO Sebastian Peters. "We're extremely pleased with the box office result so far and a Christmas release for the sequel just seemed like the next logical step." Industry sources suggest the December release date is in response to anticipated box office returns for the forthcoming Hunchback of Notre Dame remake, which is slated to hit December 15th of this year and according to the same sources was a mighty success in early test screenings.


Previously, the studio had the animated sci-fi epic The Scavenger Wars occupying Voltron's date, but that was shifted to November 16th to make way for the latter. "We have equal confidence in both properties" says Peters. "Scavenger was just pushed forward so that it and Voltron don't end up colliding. I mean, two big expensive space ventures from the same studio in the same month? That would have caused some issues regardless of respective quality."


The surviving cast of the first film - Jake T. Austin, Yoo Sueng-Ho, Taissa Farmiga, Jay Fe'aunati, Tessa Thompson, Damian Lewis and Elisabeth Banks - are all signed on for the sequel. Earlier this week Cookie Pictures announced the casting of Tom Hiddleston as the titular antagonist 'Prince Lotor' - the son of Galra Emperor Zarkon who goes rogue and seeks to claim Voltron for his own benefit. No word on if Idris Elba, who portrayed Zarkon in the first film, is slated to return.

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Cookie Pictures Y2 directors






1st row: Jennifer Yuh Nelson (Metroid), Joe Johnston (Atlantis: The Lost Empire), Ethan Spaulding (The Shadow Entities), Colin Trevorrow (Countdown to Extinction)

2nd row: Joachim Rønning and Esper Sandberg [Rønning pictured] (The Road to El Dorado), Ki Hyun Ryu (Mech Suit Heroine Rita), Justin Lin (F-Zero), Chris Sanders (Splatoon)

3rd row: James Gray (Lance), Joaquim Dos Santos (The Scavenger Wars), Shane Black (Voltron: Rise of Lotor)

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On 28/09/2017 at 4:39 AM, Hiccup23 said:

@Bastien I am a huge A Nightmare on Elm Street fan. You better make that film good otherwise I will personally make sure it gets destroyed. 


Also Dream Daddy better be good. As a gay man, I will probably judge it harder than other people on here. 



Too much pressure!

In fact, I am inspirde by a Robert Englund's idea : the story unfolds decades after Freddy's last appearance. Santa Barbara's children grew up with the horrific stories of the massacres of the past. One day, the nightmares start up again, but everyone sees a different Freddy, according to the details they had been given when the stories were told.


@Deadline : BREAKING: Alicia Vikander quits Beyond Good & Evil after two weeks of shooting.


@TheHollywoodReporter : Alicia Vikander talks about personal problems that prevent her from keeping her promise.


@Deadline : First rumours to replace her in the role of Jade: Emmy Rossum, Elodie Yung, Sofia Boutella.


@Deadline : Beyond Good & Evil could be delayed to August. Shooting is expected to restart in 3 weeks.

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A Little Bit Naughty: 'City in the Sky' Delayed Indefinitely, 'Matilda' Enters Y2


After a wildly successful Broadway run, a new musical adaptation of Roald Dahl's 'Matilda' enters the fray in Y2. Taika Waititi will still direct, with Tim Minchin's songs used throughout the movie. The film, much like the musical, will have a very stylized and eccentric direction, all while promising to be an exciting adaptation in the spirit of Roald Dalh's imagination and charm. The film looks to be a strong companion to @Bastien's Charlie and the Horror Factory, and Hourglass executives are hoping to cross promote and use Y2 as 'The Year of Dahl'. Full cast is listed below:


Matilda..................Lucy Broadwell (an unknown 11-year old British actress)

Mrs. Wormwood.....Rose Byrne

Mr. Wormwood......Seth MacFarlene

Miss Trunchbull......Jemaine Clement

Miss Honey............Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Mrs. Phelps............Rachel House

Michael..................Ferdia Walsh-Peelo


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5 minutes ago, spaghetti! said:

Having read To The Moon in CAYOM 2.0.....


.... @cookie, you MIGHT want to delay one of your films this year.

I rewrote it with the intention of shortening it. Sadly, that somewhat backfired and I might've added a small amount to it :(


P.S I would've skipped re-releasing it if I could've done the sequel straight up, but apparently that doesn't really work here so I'm releasing the original just to be able to do the trilogy.

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1 minute ago, spaghetti! said:

Interested in seeing what you added. Truth be told, it was probably my favorite film in CAYOM 2.0.

Nothing significant, to be entirely honest, but I corrected the grammar because I was quite illiterate back then and generally just added details and changed the flow. Should be much easier to read now that it doesn't seem to be written by a monkey with two left hands


Also, thanks :) I'm still surprised it was as well received as it was.

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1 hour ago, ChD said:


Sam Rockwell and Chloe Grace Moretz have been cast for our Y2 Science Fiction blockbuster. Movie will be directed by Doug Liman.




I'm already using Doug Liman for a major blockbuster this year.

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Shameik Moore, Margaret Qualley, Nick Robinson, and Ellar Coltrane make up the four-person ensemble of Trey Edward Shultz's (Krisha, It Comes at Night) jaw dropping new thriller, AFTER PARTY, due for release in August Y2. The premises follows an introverted college student (Shameik Moore) who visits a friend's house to retrieve his missing backpack, only to be trapped inside after witnessing something horrific. The film is in real time and clocks in at an astoundingly brief 78 minutes. 

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