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Winter Game SOTM 6 - The Last Jedi done Fecked up! Deadline Thursday December 7th 11:59

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Ok, so the Last Jedi is likely going to do okay worldwide. But there is always that random place where a film blows up and wins the year that nobody expected. 


So here is the challenge. 


You may pick up to 5 non Domestic Markets (actually you are free to pick USA, but you will lose) that either BoxOfficeMojo or the threads on this site do a good job of tracking Hollywood releases for. 


The worse the film does in that market the more points you get. 

This question will only consider Hollywood / Domestic wide release films. Not local releases. 


For this question. If a film was released during the game period in a particular region but not in the US. It will still qualify for that region (e.g. Blade Runner in China will count.)


Scoring (Only films released in the Winter game window count)


Star Wars is the number 1 grossing Hollywood film   Minus 15000 points

Star Wars is the number 2 grossing Hollywood film   Minus 5000 points


Star Wars is the number 3 grossing Hollywood film   5000 points

Star Wars is the number 4 or 5 grossing Hollywood film   15000 points

Star Wars is outside the top 5 grossing Hollywood films 25000 points


If you predict at least 3 regions and Star Wars finishes below the top 2 in all of them. Score 25,000 bonus points. 


(If the film does not get released, Is released after February 10th, or there is no reliable tracking for Hollywood releases in a chosen market. That market is voided for the question, no win. no loss.)


You can abstain for 2000 points


Deadline is Thursday December 7th 11:59pm

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