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That One Girl

Show Dogs | May 18, 2018 | Film had to be recut because there was an "inappropriate sex abuse message"

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Ugh, I know the parents of the baby panda actor in this movie.  They’re so annoying and entitle that kid



1m OW / 1.5m DOM TOTAL


Go see the good Panda movie called Pandas

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If you think the release date thing is bad for this and Pandas, here's another thing to think about.


There is an honest overabundance of family-targeting films in the month of April. April 6th has Show Dogs as well as Pandas, April 13th has Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero, and April 20th has Duck Duck Goose. These releases will likely eat into each other, let alone fail to stand out against Rampage, which is now set to shine in the wake of the release date change of New Mutants.

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