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SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME | 741.4 M overseas ● 1131.9 M worldwide

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1 minute ago, Charlie Jatinder said:

Spider-man: Far From Home 10 days Out


Midnight: ¥292k (3091 shows)

Friday: ¥1.05mn (24728 shows)

Saturday: ¥385k (14k shows)

Sunday: ¥310k (12k shows)


Total: ¥2.037mn or $0.3mn





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Quick glance ER is not much of a factor relative to homecoming. that did 430m minus china. Question is how much this can gross there. Endgame vs RDJ is the other question. I would say 550-650m OS with around 150-200m from china. I want to see how PS moves in china to get better perspective.

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On 11/26/2018 at 2:00 PM, Charlie Jatinder said:

$700mn. Sure shot. Tom Holland is a huge factor post the film and Infinity War.


PS. I feel Venom showed the Spidey potential in China, which can be seen in Spider-Man 3 even. 

Well, I will stick/bump it. $530mn Os-C-J. China $220mn and Japan $30mn. $780mn.

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5 minutes ago, Charlie Jatinder said:

So China may cross Homecoming lifetime in just first weekend depending on the Saturday and Sunday.

India I am expecting 4 days weekend to be around 80% Homecoming full run.


Any other country expected to follow the same.

could os hit 800 ?

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