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THE QUEEN'S CORGI | #1 Animation of 2019??

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The trailer has some very nice slapstick moments in there. This film really does feels very British, in that the presentation of the story reminds me of Shaun the Sheep in a sense. I think the animation is very aesthetically pleasing in my personal opinion.  Hopefully the film isn't a for-kids-only presentation of slapstick and slapstick alone, as Minions was. My type of dog my stepfather constantly keeps as pets is the corgi, so I'm sure he might find this cute.


I'm thankful that Lionsgate is even trying at all with this. It may not need to do much because, as a British film, it'll probably perform fairly well in that country, as the Paddington films have, and as the 2015 Shaun the Sheep film did.


Edit: I did some research and discovered that the directors are Ben Stassen and Jeremy Degruson. Ben Stassen has a long history of directing animated films, the bulk of which aren't good at all, to be frank (Fly Me To The Moon, The Wild Life). But the director's last film, The Son of Bigfoot, amassed an impressive RT score and a few vocal reviews from individuals who had purchased the film on Google Play. That was the second of two collaborations with director Jeremy Degruson, and, interestingly, this film with be the pair's third collaboration. So what I'm saying is this: I'm going to be watching to see if the two collaborating directors can build off of the critical success they garnered from their last animated project, because in my opinion, it says a lot when a distributor such as Lionsgate takes notice in a film such as this.


(Post-Release Statement: yeah, this movie didn't turn out so well)

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On 6/4/2019 at 4:12 AM, YourMother the Edgelord said:

The whole movie is on YouTube btw.


That’s what I call doggystyle.



Thanks for informing me, watching it now.


5 minutes in and not a word of dialogue spoken yet, people just nod and grunt at each other. Not difficult to see how the studio kept their costs down lol.

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5 minutes ago, AJG said:

Is this worth the free download?

No. I watched about 40 minutes.


There is one amazing thing about it, how anyone involved in it thought what they made is appropriate for kids. There's a very rapey dog that is attracted to the main dog, and the whole film she chases him around trying to kiss him. She ties him and drags him around so he can't escape and she can kiss him.


I wouldn't normally think much of these cheap Euro animations but this was really quite strange. Don't know who thought sexual harrassment of puppies was a good topic for kids movie.



oh and Donald Trump flirting with female royal guards.



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