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Top 100 Video Game Countdown Thread | We've Reached the Top 20

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William Big Billy Blowjob Blazkowicz - Wolfenstein  (69 points, 1 top 10) 



Who would have thought we would ever live in a world where the guy from Wolfenstein was actually a character we kind of got invested in? The two main Wolfenstein games of the most modernest or current modern eras have not only both been great, but they have actually built a decent little story arc and character progression around everyone's favourite Nazi killer. 


His relationship with Anya is genuinely endearing at times, and I was heartbroken when I heard Youngbloods is a microtransaction nothing of a mess. Hopefully one day, Billy will return to a console screen near I. 

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Ratchet - Clank and Ratchet  (69 points) 


Everybody's favourite gaming ... wombat? chinchilla? wait a sec... Lombax? Oh right so he's a made up furry alien mammal, got it. Well then he is definitely gaming best Lombax then. 


Ratchet is a charismatic platform character and the games I have played (and the movie also) have showcased this. Therefore I am not surprised to see him sneak into the top 100. In fact I personally would place him higher than all of the bandicoots of the gaming world and maybe even the odd dragon or two.  

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Yennifer (The J is pronounced weirdly and also is a Y)- The Witcher  (70 points) 



The incorrect romantic choice from The Witcher 3 makes her appearance on the list. Yennifer is an awful woman who makes questing with her a tiresome chore and seems to delight in torturing poor, beloved, only truly nobel person in the game, Skjall for the thrills. Poor, poor, Skjall. 


Yennifer is the highest ranked female character from the series on this list and second highest overall. I will not give prizes to anyone who can guess who beat her. 

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Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn  (70 points) 



This was the game that finally broke me from my League of Legends shackles and play other games again. I heard it was decent and picked it up a few months after release and... Yeah, this was a fantastic game with a great premise (that i my humble and disliked opinion essentially improves upon everything that the game series mentioned in the position before did). 


Aloy is a wonderful antagonist and I personally found her story so intriguing to the point that I essentially ignored side-questing and exploring because I just wanted to find out more about her and the world. I would be a very happy panda if the sequel to this game announced itself in the near future. 

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Arthas - Warcraft  (70 points) 



Okay, now I watched the warcraft film and I played Warcraft 2 back in the day. Does this mean I know who Arthas is? 


It doesn't look like it, and I will save my sarcastic charms for another entry as I do know that Warcraft has lore and character arcs for days throughout its properties, and while I personally would prefer to have my bottom sandpapered by Captain Hook than play WOW, that is purely a gameplay based decision and nothing to do with characters or stories that may lie within. 


This is the only Warcraft alumni to make the list as far as I can tell though.   


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Pit - Kid Icarus  (70 points, 1 top 5) 



Ah this is a Smash Bros dude.  He has the wings... Oh right Icarus! I get it. 


Yeah I have not played the Kid Icarus games and thus assume them to be quirky Japanese things like Fire Emblem, Secrets of Mana, and Mother 3 for the Nintendo 64DD. 


A quick scan of wikipedia and the interwebs suggests that Pit is essentially what happens if you let Nintendo design Kratos? Am I close? 

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Chloe Price - Life is Strange  (70 points) 



When I played Life is strange, I absolutely loved it and ran through the 5 episodes in no time (well 15 hours). However while I loved all the characters, I really preferred Max more. 


Then I played before the storm and I got on board the Chloe train ( massive spoilers in this spoiler box!! 


Not enough to change my mind and not kill her obviously because, I'm not gonna murder a town, but still)


If the people that write the characters and scripts for these games were given the chance to put their characters into a David Cage game... we may just end up with the best game ever made. But alas, it is not to be. 


Anyhow, go Chloe!!! (Max was 120th, 1 place outside the countdown.) 

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Red - Pokemon  (72 points) 



Wait, Ash isn't the the kid from the games? I thought they were the same dude with different names because red is a silly name. 


Well that shows the extent of my Pokemon knowledge. Actually I had Pokemon Stadium on the N64 and that game ruled, but I never felt the need to ever pick up any of the gameboy games. I know that these games are the cultiest of the cult mega fanbase games that quite possibly have made more money than anything else in the world ever has. 


However, I cannot comment on whether that is due to the popularity of the gameplay, or the magnetic charm and wit of ol' Red.  

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Gengar - Pokemon  (72 points, 1 top 10) 



So it's a ghost with a giant tongue and is possibly a distant relation of Memberberries. 


It is a poisonous shadow that is 7 inches shorter than Tom Cruise, 20kg lighter than Jennifer Lawrence and has made more money than both of them combined. 


Gengar is weak to psychic pokemon, but anybody able to use that information theoretically already knew that. Also, it's lick attack is accurate 100% of the time, so it may well be very popular with the ladies. 



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5 hours ago, chasmmi said:


Falco Lombardi - Starfox  (68 points) 



Did Rare make Lylat Wars? Is that something I imagined? Well just in case, let's tentatively call this a RareWare double as Banjo is followed by that one from Star Fox that isn't the actual fox, isn't the stupid fucking toad that needs to DIE IN A FIERY HOLE OF MOLTEN LAVA DEATH FOREVER AND THEN BE RESSURECTED JUST TO BE MELTED AGAIN FOR BEING SO FUCKING USELESS AT LIFE... and I think there was also a rabbit or something (maybe Bucky O Hare, I am not sure. 


 Anyway, Falco, falco. Yeah he is the Falcon from Starfox and probably the best Falcon character in any space adventure game. 


we got one!  how swell.


here was my list, I had Falco at #29!


Doom (1993)
1 - Doom Guy
7 - Lost Soul
8 - Zombieman
11 - Cacodemon
14 - Imp
15 - Shotgun Guy 
Doom 2
4 - Arch-vile
5 - Mancubus
6 - Revenant
10 - Arachnotron
12 - Hell Knight
16 - Heavy Weapons Dude 
Doom 64
9 - Pain Elemental
13 - Cyberdemon
17 - Baron of Hell
18 - Nightmare Imp
19 - Demon
20 - Spectre 


Super Mario 64
2 - Koopa the Quick
21 - Koopa Troopas
31 - Bob-omb Buddies
32 - Mother Penguin
33 - Toads
34 - Skeeters 
Half-Life (1998)
3 - Gordon Freeman
47 - Famelle Assassin
48 - Houndeye
49 - Scientist Zombie
50 - Tentacle
51 - Bull Squid 


Star Fox 64 (1997)
25 - Krystal
26 - Katt
27 - Slippy Toad
28 - General Pepper
29 - Falco Lombardi
30 - Bill Grey 

Shadow of the Colossus (2005)
22 - Agro
23 - Wander
24 - Mono 
Halo 2 (2004)
57 - Sgt. Johnson
58 - Cortona
59 - Grunts
60 - Hunters
61 - Jackals
62 - Brutes 
Half-Life 2
46 - Alyx Vance
52 - the gman
53 - Judith Mossman
54 - rebel
55 - citizen
56 - barnacle 


Counter-Strike (2000)
43 - Anarchists 
44 - Counter-Terrorists (CT)
45 - Terrorists 
Super Mario Bros (1985)
42 - Hammer Bros 


Red Dead Redemption (2010)
35 - Seth Briars
36 - Lucille Billingsgate
37 - Miranda Fortuna
38 - John Marston
39 - Bonnie MacFarlane
40 - Abigail Marston 
Tomb Raider
41 - Lara Croft 


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9 hours ago, chasmmi said:

I'm possibly having surgery in about 9 hours,  if that doesn't completely incapacitate me, I will go through the next batch after that. 

Good luck with the surgery!



And, Gengar is a good start but we need more Pokémon!

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Niko Bellic - GTA  (73 points, 1 top 10) 



Now the last time I played a GTA game it was a weird top down 2D thing where you drove micro machines into pixels that splatted red when you hit them. 


So I cannot say too much about young (old?) Niko here. But I do know that the GTA games have seemingly improved in their depth and characters with each installment and are no longer just mini splatathons. 



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Phoenix Wright - Phoenix Wright  (74 points) 



This man is a terrible lawyer. most of his cases should have been thrown out for him meddling in the investigations and so forth. He is a legal menace. 


Phoenix has developed a cult following as his games go from strength to strength, and thus it is no surprise that he got a few fans here. 

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Riku - Final Fantasy (74 points, 1 top 5) 



In a shocking turn away from usual JRPG tropes, Riku is a young pretty female character who loves to wear cute little dresses and sing and dance like a happy little pixie. 


She has a cutsie voice and it's all very original... oh wait? Is she the binocular pirate woman? 

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Midna - Zelda (75 points, 1 top 10) 



I just assumed that this was a pokemon, but it turns out it is the young incarnation of the fish man from Shape of Water. From the video above, I have discerned that this is a character that can talk to wolves, shoot electric, glide through walls, and develop a deep rooted desire to have sexual relations with Paddington's mother. 


It a wide ranging skill set, and that must count for something. 

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