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Top 100 Video Game Countdown Thread | We've Reached the Top 20

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Nathan Drake - Uncharted (409 points, 5 top 5, 4 top 10)



And that is Playstation done and dusted with the Indiana Jones of gaming clocking in in 3rd place.


There was a pretty decent stretch where it looked like Nathan may even take it all, but in the end the power of the N just proved too strong. Drake is going to go down as an all time great character (I mean he already is), and I do hope we see him again in the future. 



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Zel... Oh God I did it too... Link - Zelda (412 points, 1 First, 4 top 5, 3 top 10)



it says a lot when you can be 2nd overall and still not the number one character from your publisher (Like it's really spoiling who has won at this point).


The Link games were traditionally my third favourite Nintendo franchise (I am a Donkey guy at heart). But then I played Breath of the Wild and it may be the best Nintendo game I have ever played. I just loved it, and it also endeared me a lot more to LInk. (And cooking with Link is just magical too).


And with that.. let's finally finish this thing.... 

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Mario - Donkey Kong (469 points, 3 First, 3 top 5, 3 top 10)



It was always going to be Mario. 


Even during the moments when it wasn't Mario, it was still always gonna be Mario. He is the ultimate video game character and I can't imagine ever meeting a video gamer who would claim to have never played Mario. 


One day his crown may topple, but it isn't this year, and it proably won't be 2023 either.  

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1 hour ago, chasmmi said:

And with that the list is done. 


This may be a record fast reveal for me. 

I know! 1.5 months just flew by!


Also lol at no Pokemon characters in the top 10. I am glad my #1 (Kratos) made it into the top 10 though

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On 12/3/2019 at 12:49 PM, Arendelle Legion said:

We’re at the point where each reveal that isn’t my personal number one makes me smile a little wider.


3 hours ago, chasmmi said:


Ellie - Last of Us (263 points, 1 First, 1 top 10) 




The highest ranked character to have (as of writing) only one game to their name.


In fact, if you ignore Joel, I think the next highest finisher within this criteria may be... It's Arthur Morgan in 21st. It's not surprising really as the game was, as previously mentioned, a revelation and Ellie was a shining part of that. Time will only tell whether the imminent sequel will manage to take her to even greater heights, or possibly take off some of the sheen if she suffers a misfire.  


Lol, Jinxed it.    

We’ll get ‘em next time after TLOU2 crushes it 😎

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