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Who here saw the animated Rings?

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Bakshi's "LotR" suffers from the same problems as most of his films: The quality is extremely varying from scene to scene. It just doesn't look like a finished product - some scenes work while others are barely sketches. The same can be observed in "Fritz the Cat", "Wizards" and "Cool World". All those films look rushed, unfinished, incomplete ... as creative as Bakshi was, sadly he never had the discipline to see his projects through to the end. The "best" Bakshi film is still "Fire and Ice" - at least the quality of the animation is congruent from scene to scene, even if it's a lousy script.On the other hand, some of the scenes in "LotR" worked really well and had a magical touch, and they got me interested in Tolkien. I was 11 when it came out here and became so interested that they gave me "The Hobbit" as a christmas present the same year.

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