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$600-620M+ seems like good numbers for it. If it gets the Toy Story-sequel reception, then it could go higher. And as I noticed, Pixar interestingly enough never had a movie in their film lineup that made over $700M+ OS or higher than that. Since the highest OS gross for a Pixar film is Toy Story 3 with $652M OS which was 14 years ago, and that still has the record for the highest OS gross of any Pixar film. Not even the massively hyped and beloved Incredibles 2 could top it, despite that film’s robust $608M DOM.


However, if Inside Out 2 is treated as the grand return of the beloved and hugely successful Pixar (and I love the first film), then I have no exact idea how much higher it can go.


Though to be safe, I’ll go with over $600M+ OS for now.

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27 minutes ago, keysersoze123 said:

I am not sure its increasing unless China/Korea go crazy for it. Otherwise 400m OS is good for this. 

if it didn't it would be the second Pixar sequel to not increase from the original with the only other one being Toy Story 4, which makes since both due to stretching the premise far and being the 3rd sequel, not the first. China already didn't come out for the first one, so the worst case scenario is it only loses 10m from Inside Out, and the best case scenario is that it improves from the original's performance. Normally I would think that it would disappoint in Korea, but off the back of Elemental it should get a sizeable boost there, maybe not enough to match the original's admits, but likely enough to match the gross.

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