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Eric Duncan

Here | Sony | November 27, 2024 | Tom Hanks | Robert Zemeckis Directing

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EXCLUSIVE: Here is the hottest package to come along in awhile. Deadline hears that studios and streamers are poring over Here, an adaptation of the celebrated Richard McGuire graphic novel that will reunite the trio behind the 1994 film Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks will star, Robert Zemeckis will direct and the script is by Eric Roth and Zemeckis. All three of them won Oscars for that movie classic, and this one covers an even more sprawling time period.

The graphic novel Here is centered in one room, and focuses on the many people who inhabit it over years and years, from the past to the distant future. I’m hearing that it will be a big ticket film with a lot of heart, in the price range that most of these packages go for these days.


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Take it with a grain of salt, but Jordan Ruimy claimed just a day ago its test-screenings were incredible, more so it's supposedly one of the highest-scoring films in Sony’s history. It scored a 95 in the top two boxes and an “87 definite recommend”. The guy who watched it claims de-aging is flawless. We'll see, since Indy 5 and The Irishman had the same empty promises and the end result was shit. But Bob Zemeckis is using a different technology and approach, so maybe he'll succeed where others failed.

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Zemeckis promoting trendy technology is pretty on brand for him. Problem for me is he hasn't made many good movies in a year beginning with 2, so I will only believe the hype when it's coming from a lot more people than Ruimy.


Honestly I wish this whole forum would just ignore tools like him and Sneider. Don't pollute discourse with their unethical, ego driven crap.



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His last three movies were all contenders for the worst movie of the last decade... but Allied was great and underrated imo so I guess i haven't given up hope on the man yet. Eric roth writing is a good sign too idk maybe i can get optimistic.

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