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By July 1sts actuals, will these films surpass these totals?

A) Moonrise Kingdom: 10 mill

B) Chernobyl Diaries: 20 mill

C) Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: 25 mill

D) Hunger Games: 401 mill

E) Dictator: 53 mill

F) Intouchables: 600K

Here's how it works.Every film you choose to go for is worth 2500 points.

If you go for two films, there is no penalty for getting one wrong except that you will not get points for the film or films you get wrong. So if you get 1 of 2 correct, you get 2500 points. Get 0 of 2 correct you get 0 but lose nothing.

Here's where it gets interesting. If you choose to go for 3 films and you get all three correct, you get a bonus of 2000 points. If you go for three and you get even 1 wrong, you will lose 5000 points.

If you choose to go for 4 films and if you get 1 or more wrong you lose 8000 points.

If you go for 5 films and get them all correct, no bonus. If you get 1 or more wrong, you will lose 10,000 points.

If you go for all 6, get all six right, you get a 5000 point bonus. It is already worth 15,000. If you get 1 or more wrong, you lose 15,000 points.

Deadline for this SOTM is Monday June 4th at 10 pm BO.com time.

Good luck and don't be late!

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Yes. I know the 20K is high, but I can't see anyone going for that. But if you do and you can call all six correct , then you deserve a big payday.

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Clarification: Most of the answers so far seem to be answering which will pass the totals. But you can also answer NO if you feel they will not pass the indicated totals, correct?

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Yup. And Intouchables will pass its benchmark in the next several days.The only wildcard is really Moonrise - BOM reports it will expand to 70 theaters, so with a $25k PTA it will earn $1.75m for the weekend. That would mean its total gross will be close to $4 million. Then it'll get another 20 days in release when it will be expanding - I'd say it has a pretty good chance to pass $10m, but it's the only case in the SOTM the outcome of which isn't already set in stone

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Well, I'm not a box office guru by any stretch guys. I didn't know if this question would be easy or hard. Sorry if it is too easy. But it also means there should be a lot of points awarded.

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Let me get this straight before I finalise3 gets 9.5k4 gets 10k5 gets 12.5k6 gets 20kThe difference between 5 and 3 is nothing and 6 is way too risky. MK could do anything and CD could have a great hold next week.So I'm going to answer 3 if above is correct even though I'm fairly confident on 5

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Dammit, Chernobyl is killing me right now! I really wanna go for all 6, but I think I'm gonna have to edit my post and abstain from that one cause I honestly think it will either just barely make or miss 20m by July 1st and I can't decide which. I don't wanna lose 15k pts.

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