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Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters OS thread

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Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters grossed another $25 million overseas from 3,039 locations in 20 countries, giving it an overseas cume of $35.8 million. The global total is now $54.8 million. Hansel & Gretelopens in the following territories next week: Egypt, Croatia, Lebanon, New Zealand, Portugal, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Uruguay.Stats from Paramount:

The 3D action movie opened in 19 new markets, mainly in Latin America and the Far East. We were at #1 in all but one of the 19 opening markets this weekend, and remained at #1 in Russia, which opened last week. Only in Argentina were we at #2, behind a very successful local title. The Hansel and Gretel gross in the combined 19 new territories was 127% better than the corresponding openings of Underworld Awakening, 141% better than Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and 12% better than Snow White and the Huntsman in that same bucket of territories.Brazil was the highest new opening with an outstanding $4.5M from 366 locales, ranking #1 in the local box office. This is 616% above Red Riding Hood, 154% above Underworld: Awakening, 93% above Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer, and 56% above Snow White and the Huntsman.Mexico is estimated to have opened with an excellent $3.7M from 572 cinemas at #1. This is 217% aboveRed Riding Hood, 71% above Underworld: Awakening, 107% above Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer.Taiwan is estimated to have opened with an impressive $1.9M from 64 cinemas at #1. This is 444% above Red Riding Hood , 129% above Underworld: Awakening, 228% above Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer, and 26% above Snow White and the Huntsman.Malaysia is estimated to have opened with a very solid $1.3M from 98 cinemas at #1. Colombia's debut is at an impressive $1.2M from 124 cinemas. The film ranked at #1.The Philippines opened at a muscular $1M from 131 locations at #1Thailand opened at a strong $939k from 52 cinemas. Position in the box office is estimated as #1.In Singapore the movie opened at a great $900k from 60 locations. The film ranked at #1.Panama's estimated opening is at a solid $424k from 170 locales. Estimated ranking is at #1.Peru opened at an outstanding $721k from 60 locations at #1. Hansel & Gretel is the highest January opening of all time in the market.Argentina opened at a very good $704k from 100 cinemas. Ranking is estimated at #2 behind local title "Tesis de un asesinado".Hong Kong opened at #1 with $476k from 38 locales. Chile opened at #1 with $246k from 40 locations. Russia made a rock solid $4.75M in its 2nd weekend from 970 locations, dropping only 44% from its opening. Cume is now at $15.6M and ranking is expected at #1.

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