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Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters OS thread

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Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters grabbedanother $15.3 million overseas, pushing its total to $62.5 million. Thefilm's global haul is now $97.1 million. Stats from Paramount:

As the highest new opening, Ukraine's estimated opening is at a strong $517k from 109 locales. Estimated ranking is at #1.Turkey is estimated to have opened with a solid $435k from 158 cinemas as the top non-local title.Non-PPI opening this weekend in Norway made $367k from 72 locations at #1.Brazil's2nd weekend saw $2.75M from 367 cinemas pushing the local cume to$10.3M. The drop from the opening is at only 36% and the film remainsat the top spot in the local box office.Mexico's 2nd weekend isestimated at $2.2M from 570 cinemas to hold on to the top spot at thebox office. The cume is now at $7.5M.Russia made $1.6M in its 3rd weekend from 500 locations. Cume is now at $18.6M.Colombia added $986k over the 2nd weekend, dropping just 19% and remaining at #1. The cume is now at $2.8M.

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What sort of OS total do you guys expect for this?

150 would be great but I'd guess around 130 and your guess is as good as mine. Just did a quick comparison with Underworld Awakening, and it looks like H&G is outperforming iiln most if not all. And UA finished with just under a 100.
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From the big markets it has opened just in Brazil, Mexico and Russia i believe.European audience likes fantasy stories and the protagonist are very well known.

I'm thinking over 160 OS and 200 WW.

By the way it's a monster hit here

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