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Brave Trailer 2

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If only BOM still existed, I could go back and look at what everyone's reactions were to every other Pixar trailer. I'm betting they weren't all that different.Personally I do wish they would've cut down on the comedy in this trailer; we know it'll be there, just focus on the story.

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One problem I have is why Pixar always do this for their trailers? I guess it works because they always have hits but I think it's more of the WOM of the last flick and the common knowledge that their trailers suck. I fail to see why they can't advertise the non-Dreamworks way and why every bloody animated flick has to follow this STALE AS HELL method of marketing. They are stereotyping the American audience's narrow-mindedness and unfortunately I guess after saying that, that's probably why every ****ing flick is advertised in the same way.

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Then again, if they have been shown to appreciate Pixar more than Dreamworks whose marketing isn't giving them great grosses anymore anyway, why THE HELL IS IT STILL BEING DONE? Just once I'd like to see a different approach. Too bad Pixar stopped their policy of showing things not in the final movie only.

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