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Yeah I definitely agree that the top 12 should be the bulk of the points, just that in the past I felt that the scores didn't align with the difficulty/accuracy that well.  For example, near the bottom ranks from 8-12 usually when grosses are closer the big point swings for getting the position right could make or break someone's game, but the actual difference in gross between those films might have been as little as 5 or 10 million, so it seems to have more to do with luck.  And acsc sort of addressed the issue of having a bonus for 9/12 and one for 12/12 but nothing in between by adding bonuses for 10/12 and 11/12 which was really good IMO since it's a lot harder to get 11/12 than 9/12 but before they were just the same bonus.


Just some thoughts I've had while playing this game  ;)

I really agree with the graduated points thing.


9/12: so many points

10/12: more points

11/12: significantly more points

12/12 massive points


The top 12 is the most difficult part of the game and I think it's going to be super hard this year, so the more accurate you are the more you should be rewarded I think. Otherwise, the game's pretty damn good as it is. There's a reason we keep coming back!


I'm totally here for this. I'll do my best to stick with the game - I'm really busy at the moment with work and study - so we'll see.

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Guys, as you know, it is a very busy time for me right now. But I will try to get the new Summer Game thread up this week sometime.

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Perhaps we can integrate RT scores into the game.Perhaps a Top 10 Summer Rotten Tomatoes list where scores are predicted and listed?

 Good suggestion but not what this game is about.
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I think it's too late for suggestions, but here it goes anyways. I noticed at SOTM 2 that you can either take a risk and chose option B-X (X being whatever the last option is) or chose A and score 100%100 points (at least in Iron Man's 3 case).

I suggest that, apart from the points you get for being right, you should get extra points if you make the right decision (example: I chose Deathly Hallows and Iron Man 3 finishes at 405M, above Spider-man. That's the wrong answer. It should finish between DH and SM. Same goes for rest of them. I chose The Lion King, it has to end up between Lion KIng and TDKR to get a few extra points, like 5k or something like that)

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