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The Box Office Theory Website is currently a dictatorship and we need to band together to stop these oppressive forces and make a loud enough voice to get our agendas fulfilled. We want the right to be able to choose our mods. We want rights and more freedom.
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  2. You made an open club so anyone can find and join the club. The staff have access to every club for moderating purposes.
  3. - The mods are still chosen my the staff. We want more autonomy. - That's not the same as deleting - Not really - Uh, many of the threads do have relevance but mods still delete them. You ain't down for the cause then you can leave, hun.
  4. You deserve better and we need to rise up and stop corruption. HOW THE FUCK did you find this club? I purposely didn't invite you.
  5. -You can choose your mods, by submitting recommendations. If the people voted, then it'd become biased very quickly. -Just edit your comment to say "deleted" or something along those lines. -They have sales. -Yeah, because it's called "BOX OFFICE" discussion, not "make a stupid thread that has no relevance to box office" discussion.
  6. - We want to be able to choose our own mods through a voting process every year. I am tired of mods being selected through a select few hands - We want to be able to delete our comments, it's irrational that we cannot delete our own comments - Make the price for premium accounts cheaper, it's too expensive and it alienates everyone - Loosen up restrictions on the main thread or at least open one below it. Far too often people try to make threads and mods automatically lock it.

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