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  1. No movie is coming close to this record for maybe a decade. Not even the sequals for this nor any marvel or DC movie. Just mindblowing
  2. Who ever cut this trailer and chose that music needs to be shot. Retard
  3. When i heard that they were making a sequel to one of the best popcorn movies of 90's and of all time i was skeptical but after watching this trailer.....
  4. I was a massive fan of Digimon when i went to watch this in the cinema. Only me and my mate were there lol. Anyways i was up to speed with the UK tv show which was still on season 1 if i recall (still hadnt finished). So the whole Omnimon vs diaboromon thing was super cool. I had goosebumps when wargreymon and metalgarurumon digivolved to Omnimon. But when i saw new characters (from digimon 02) i was confused as fuck. Barely understood what was happening the second half of the movie and it seemed like it was super rushed. Must have been poor editing with the deletion of scenes? Anyways cnce season 2 started airing on TV i started to like and appreciate the new characters. B- Pokemon the First Movie was much better even though i liked digimon more in general
  5. This was not Hitman. Why cant people just stick to the basic story rather than inventing their own shit.
  6. Never thought i would see a WWW for a Pixar movie. Even after Cars 2. Pity.
  7. Another one jumping in on the Frozen fad. Theron and Blunt look amazing but we all know this will be as shit and dull as the first.
  8. hmmmm.... but as i'm a big fan of ancient Egyptian history and mythology i will most likely be catching this.
  9. After watching the trailers i thought this would be the dark horse of the summer. Turned out to be horse shit instead. This is something Uwe Boll could be proud of. F
  10. Was hoping Chris Nolan would do Bond 25 but he is doing another movie for WB now. Bugger
  11. found the story to be incoherent at times. Overrated just like the first movie. Glad there is no part 3
  12. This goes in the group of some of the best sequels ever A+
  13. Havent seen it in 15 years but i remember loving it. A
  14. 2/3 of the movie was pretty interesting even if it dragged. But than in the final act i had no bloody idea what was happening. How was the world ending? why? why werent the geniuses fixing it? How was technology advancing in the real world if the all the geniuses were in Tomorrowland? What did Casey figure out? Why was George hung up over a little robot girl? Was he a pedo? i have no fucking clue. C-/D+
  15. Hilarious movie. Loved it. McCarthy is amazing as usual. Is there anyone that can curse better than her on screen? Byrne just steals every scene she is in. Extremely talented actress. Statham was the surprise here though. I think this is probably the best i have ever seen him. Pretty much every line he uttered i was holding my stomach in laughter. Cant wait for a sequel A
  16. As a fan of the show i was kind of disappointed. I expected more. Still not a bad movie just seemed like an overlong average episode. Ending was good though, You show them Drama! B-
  17. Good movie but i will never stop cringing at the script for this series. Its just so bad lol as was the plot. Still though the enjoyment factor pretty much makes the dialogue irrelevant. Better then the previous movie and a good ending. I was afraid they might actually kill off Walker in a true emotional send off but this was a better happy ending. Action was great all round except for 2 fights. Can Letty really take on Rhonda Rousey? I had trouble with her taking on Gina in the previous movie. But i gotta say Michelle does manage to hold her own. Rhonda though looks like she is always holding in some wind but she does look mean. Rock vs Statham was great and i wanted a round 2. Instead we got Vin and Statham that was just not believable. Vins arms look small (so he cant lift a car for shit)and he tenses his body in every scene. Like wtf is up with his back and shoulders. Relax dude. No one can fight Statham and win. Im sorry i just wont believe it. Ever. That guy is intimidating as fuck. I was rooting for him throughout. Anyways i hope he comes back with a much bigger presence. Oh and Tony Jaa was good too. Good send off for Paul. Gonna miss him for any future installments. B
  18. Fun movie but was quite evident this was not one of Marvels best. Still not much to complain about. Pretty simple and straight forward story with some surprisingly fun action. Good popcorn flick for the summer B
  19. This is on of the movies that shows why i loved the 80s A
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