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  1. Yep. But all cinemas & drive-ins in Australia are closed now from 23-Mar
  2. Top playdate 22-dec All TROS 1-Imax Southbank 2-CW Crawley 3-CW Leicester Square 4-Odeon Leicester Square (Both LS Combined #1 with bullet) 5-NAC Showcase Bluewater 6-Vue Westfield London 7-CW Sheffield 8-CW Glasgow 9-CW Stevenaga 10-Odeon Kingston
  3. Top playdates 22-Dec all TSOR 1-Event George St, Sydney 2-Event Miranda, Sydney 3-Event Marion, Adelaide 4-Event Innaloo, Perth 5-Hoyts Chatstone, Melbourne 6-Hoyts Chatswood Westfield (combined with Mandrin #2) 7-Hoyts Melbourne Central 8-Event Castle hill, Sydney 9-Imax Melbourne 10-Event Chermside, Brisbane
  4. top playdates we 22-Dec All TSOR Top playdates 22-Dec-19 all TROS 1-AMC Disney Springs , Orlando FL 2-AMC Burbank 3-AMC Lincoln Square, NYC 4-LMT Megaplex, South Jordan UT 5-AMC Empire 25, NYC (Combined with E-walk across the road #1) 6-AMC Metreon, San Francisco 7-El Capitan, Hollywood 8-AMC Tyson Corner ,McLean VA 9-AMC Orange CA 10-LMT Megaplex , Sandy UT 11-AMC Thoroughbred, Franklin TN 12-CPLX Banque Scotia, Montreal QC 13-AMC River East, Chicago IL 14-Regal Irvine Spectrum, CA 15-Arclight Hollywood 16-CM Redwood CA 17-CPLX Scotiabank Toronto ON 18-AMc Garden State , Paramus NJ 19-Regal MArq Stadium , Houston tX 20-CPLX Queensway, Etobicoke ON AMC Ontario Mills + Regal Palace would rank #5
  5. Yeah for 5 days wasn't seeing it getting as high as trend 1700 maybe, see how sat/sun end up
  6. I had been going with WE 195-200, just going to see where it falls
  7. Yeah in lc probably looking Fri-Sun -2% on TLJ and 4 days up 2-3%
  8. probably be something around 3/4 days lc14/21
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