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My Little Pony: The Movie | Oct 6 2017 | Emily Blunt. Sia joins voice cast.

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Honestly, if this didn't have the "My Little Pony" baggage attached and we just knew of the premise of six female animal characters going on a fantasy adventure, I think people here would be more willing to show genuine interest. Aside from some on-the-nose writing that I guess is obligatory because of their target audience, the current series is pretty much everything animation fans look for in their mainstream entertainment; which I imagine is why it gained such a vocal following.  And you won't find many TV cartoons aimed at kids as socially progressive as this one.



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CONFIRMED: First Teaser Trailer For ‘My Little Pony’ This Week



Excited for Lionsgate’s big screen version of My Little Pony? The studio is set to debut a short teaser trailer this week with Smurfs: The Lost Village – Deluxe Digital have sent it to North American cinemas, and we expect it online in the coming days.




Heard about this from my niece.

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1 hour ago, cannastop said:

This movie is also providing a job and a chance to use 2-D animation skills to dozens of animators, so it can't be all bad.


Technically it's still computer rendered (like The Simpsons Movie), but a 2D style is still a refreshing change of pace for a theatrical animated film

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4 minutes ago, tribefan695 said:

Might just be that something got lost in the YouTube transfer. Sometimes that happens with animated movies.



Nevertheless I'm sure the Equestria Daily community is having ulcers


Happens with all movies apparently, seen a lot of people talking about that with respect to movie trailers and video game footage. Lossless video gets way too many artifacts when ported over to Youtube.

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I will say after watching the teaser with sound on that I'm not thrilled with the Blue Sky-style cheeky voiceover and bit cast name dropping. But I'll try to grudgingly muscle through it if that's what they think is going to sell this to the mainstream

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