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Dreamworks Animation: What Went Wrong?

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I just don't understand why Paramount, who not only no longer has Marvel Studios and Dreamworks Pictures, but a number of in-house projects that have either been delayed or going through a lot of trouble, won't just stick with DWA considering they've been the only bit of positive news for them lately.Obviously I know it's just a bit of tension between Katzenberg and Paramount but you'd think they'd just stick it out...

Clearly Paramount sucks ...
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0.5% of 10 billion $ are $50,000,000 so it is worth to fight for it.What I do not understand is why do they not spit the risk and the profits by having fixed fees per country, movie, copy, distributor, cinema, screen, showing and then smaller ones per ticket.

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A former Disney guy was going to head up animation at Paramount but the guy was fired.http://latimesblogs....on-resigns.htmlA replacement for that position to my knowledge hasn't been announced. Personally, I think after the less than spectacular financial results with Rango, Paramount's back must be against the wall before they go ahead and proceed with an animated division. I know everyone sees the $$ in animation but it isn't as easy as it looks.

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Good for Paramount. Stainton sucked and has no business running another animation studio. Dude singlehandedly destroyed Disney animation until the Pixar merger.Paramount should have just bought DWA. I thought that would have made the most sense, let Katzenberg be their Lasseter.

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