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Fantasy Box Office - 2016 Discussion Thread | FBO 2016 Geekfreek Awards .... Winner is announced - see the thread.... Congratulations to all on a game well played!

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the box office theory - forums : Fantasy Box Office Game


Yep - thats right the game is returning.... Sign up Sign up (and thanks to WB for agreeing to let to put this in the derby temporarily - till we are back on our feet :P)


Welcome to Box Office Theory's very own Fantasy Box Office Game for 2016. The game is played on a very simple premise, you are an investor (ie. studio) who invests money in the production of movies. As such you would get a return on this investment. We base the game on the real life box office using the domestic numbers released on a weekly basis. We also base the budgets on the real life information or the best guess at the budget for said movie.


To simplify the game, a budget is set down to develop a movie. This is set at least 1 month in advance prior to release of the film and then investors can choose to "invest" $ into the film prior to release. Investors invest in lots of 10% into films to a maximum of 100% for any investor. To give investors a larger range films typically have 200% total available for investment and blockbusters films will contain more (300%). Once a film is released, investors then receive the earnings for that film which then that money can then in turn be spent on further films. To allow for easier play investors begin with a set amount of dollars (as noted in the rules below).


As already noted, all $ are based upon the US Box Office Data (Domestic Box Office). All this information is taken from Box Office Mojo which tracks this information. In particular we utilise the budgets on BOM (budgets are revised at release).


This thread is the official sign up thread and i'll be updating overall earnings here also throughout the year.


Questions, queries, disputes should happen in here  also :P


Happy playing .......


The updated rules are in the 2nd post here and also there is a rules thread in the FBO sub forum.


January 2016 Investments Thread is now open for business.  Go there invest in the films that are now available....


I'll be posting status updates in this thread also to keep everyone up to date on the game happenings :)


Fantasy Box Office Sub Forum Link

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Fantasy Box Office Game Rules

Official Times

  • The time in which all day changes occurs is at Eastern Standard Time (US/Canada) (GMT - 5 hours) Not midnight your local time, but midnight for the East Coast of USA. If you're choosing to invest in a movie being released in exactly one month, make sure the date is as per this. And to be clear, Daylight savings is never applied for this game.
  • I should also note that movies will be available from 7pm the day before (1 month in advance of release) and not be available from 7pm the day before.  This change is due to the sneaks now occuring instead of midnights.


The Winner

  • The Game is run over a full year.
  • The Winner is announced normally Late February / Early March of the following year once all results are tallied from the December movies.
  • Various minor awards are given out including:
    • Return On Investment (% Gain / movie - Average)
    • Best Investor ($ Earnt per % spent as a whole)
    • Company Value (Bank Account - Final figure)
    • Highest Weekend (Earnt in a single weekend)
    • Revenue (Total Earnings for the year)
  • Overall Winner is calculated using the above awards.  It is known as "The Geekfreek Award" in honor of the original Game Admin from 2006 when the game first started on BOM.


Bank Accounts

  • Each player will have a Bank Account with which they can spend money to invest in movies.
  • Each player will be given starting dollars when they join to begin investing. The value is adjusted each year as appropriate.
  • Current Start Dollars = $100m


  • To invest in a movie, you must have the amount you are investing available in your bank account at the time the investment is made.
  • All the money you earn from your investments will be put into your bank account for you to spend further.
  • If you no longer have enough money to continue with the game, you can claim bankruptcy and your account will automatically be reset and you will start all over with the Current Start Dollars in your bank account. (all previous investments no longer count)

Movies (General)

  • Only a film’s PRODUCTION BUDGET will be used for this game.
  • Only a film’s DOMESTIC GROSS will be used for this game.
  • The film's release date will be as per the current US Domestic Release dates as listed on Box office Mojo.
  • Any film that is due for release in the US can be invested in (including limited release films).
  • Priority for who gets rights to a movie will be on a first come, first serve basis. Unfortunately, that is the only way that it’s possible to run this right now.
  • You may only invest in a movie 1 FULL month before its release date. The date MUST be exact accordance to the current calendar date. For example, if it February 28, you can only invest in films being released on or before March 28. You must wait until March 1 to invest in films being released on March 29, 30 and 31.


Movie Budgets

  • Any unknown budgets will be estimated. If no official budget is ever released, the estimate will stand as fact. If the official budget is released at a later time, that will be used instead of the estimate. Any budget changes are final and the player will have to accept them accordingly. The following will used for budgets of unknown movies which no details are available:
    • Action / Thriller = 150m (Big Budget) / 75m (Off Season)
    • Animation (CGI) = 150m (Big Budget) / 100m (Off Season)
    • Animation (2D) = 75m
    • Science Fiction / Fantasy / Comic Book = 175m (Big Budget) / 90m (Off Season)
    • Indie Films = 30m
    • Horror = 20m
    • Comedy = 100m (Big Budget) / 50m (Off Season)


  • If and when BOM releases a budget, that budget will become fact except for the following:
    • When BOM's Budget (BB) > the Game Budget (GB) + 20m then the following applies :
    • New GB = BB - ROUNDED(((BB-GB-20)/BB)*(BB-GB-20))


Investment Rules

  • The maximum total % available for "normal" films is 200%.
  • The maximum total % available for "Blockbuster" films is 300%. Films will be advised in advance of being available of whether they are a blockbuster or not.  
  • Players can choose to only invest in part or all of a films budget. Players can invest in 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100% of the budget.  I will also allow investments of 25% and 75%. 
  • Players will receive the % of the earnings from the film based upon which % invested in the film. Eg. invested 20%, you will receive 20% of the earnings. 
  • You cannot invest in the same film for than a total of more than 100%. (If you invest 100% of the film’s budget, you can not invest in the film a second time.)
  • A film is released irrelevant of how much % is invested in total even if only 20% was invested, the film is still released.
  • If you have chosen to invest and decide to cancel ALL or part of your investment (keeping within the normal rules above), the following WILL apply:
    • > 2 Weeks prior to release - 100% of the cancelled amount is returned
    • > 1 Week prior to release - 50% of the cancelled amount is returned
    • < 1 Week prior to release - Nothing will be returned at this point so you should just keep your investment.
  • You can also choose to sell all or part of your investment (following the same rules as above for investments)
    • Once the movie is released you cannot sell your investment
    • The Sale can be in the form of money or swapping for other investments.
    • The amount is up to you - there are no limits and only need to be agreed between all parties involved.
    • Sales involving money will count towards your earnings for the year.
    • If at time of release an on-sold investment has a budget change, then this change will be reflected in the current owners budget. eg. Investor B bought the movie investment worth 40m of investor A for 60m. The budget then increased to 50m. Investor B's final budget equals 70m as a result because investor B paid a premium of 20m to investor A for the investment.


Investment Restrictions (applies as you invest more %)

  • Your ability to invest is restricted as you invest more in movies over the year. There are 2 different levels of restrictions. Each level is associated with a % of investments.
  • Investment Restrictions apply to both Selling/Purchasing and Investing.
  • The following lists the 2 levels (3 including the unrestricted level). 
    • Unrestricted - as per normal rules
    • Level 1 Restrictions (> 1500%) - Cannot invest in any film until 3 weeks prior to release.
    • Level 2 Restrictions (> 3000%) - Cannot invest in any film until 1 week prior to release.
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Just remember, that u do need invest in the smaller films to build up funds so you can afford those big budget blockbusters........ 


KFP 3 is the first really big one.. 


I'd imagine there will be rush the normal contenders in BVS, Civil War etc... ;)

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This sounds fun as hell. But I do have a couple questions...


If I invest 50% into Krampus and the budget is 14 m:


Do I invest 7 m from my 100 m?


How much does Krampus need to make for me to see a profit?


If it makes 75 m DOM, how much do I profit?




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This sounds fun as hell. But I do have a couple questions...


If I invest 50% into Krampus and the budget is 14 m:


Do I invest 7 m from my 100 m?


How much does Krampus need to make for me to see a profit?


If it makes 75 m DOM, how much do I profit?




Ok example:

Krumpus comes available at 1 month before opening. 14m budget is set in the game.

You invest 50% which is 7m. So if u had 100m in the bank after investing u have 93m.

The movie opens (assume u invested in nothing else for this example). Once actuals are in krumpus has an OW of 30.4m. There u earn 50% of this. Ie. 15.2m is added your bank account. This will happen on a weekly basis after actuals are in.

Your bank account is now 108.2m.

Eg. After weekend 2 krumpus total is up to 46.8m. So a further 16.4m was made and u earn 8.2m. BAnk account is now 116.4m. On it goes until krumpus closes.

The game win is based mostly on total earnings and not bank account but your final score takes into account your total spend to stop someone just running away with the game.

I'll keep the bank accounts, total earnings, total spent, updated on a weekly basis after actuals are in.

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Alrighty then, 11 sign ups so far (including me of course :) )


FYI - you can join the game at any time through the year and can play as little and as much as you want or need.  There will be quiet times and there will be crazy times... it's just one of those games :D


starting the research on the January Budgets - i'll be focusing on Wide releases only but you are more than welcome to invest in a limited release too if you can post a budget for that film

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DRAFT Release Schedule and budgets for January 2016


Budgets are draft as per notes to right.  some I have estimated myself and some have come from various info on the web.  If you are aware of any budgets and the source please post away.  As noted, the first 2 films to be available (wide releases) will be "The Forest" & "Families" from the 8th December.


Release Schedule  
Not Available - Releases available 1 month in advance of date shown Sources
January 2016  
New in Theatres Budget % Available Theatres  
The Forest $15m 200% Wide Estimate
Families (Untitled Blumhouse Horror 2) $5m 200% Wide Micro Budgeted Horror
New in Theatres Budget % Available Theatres  
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi $50m 200% Wide Wikipedia
The 5th Wave $75m 200% Wide Estimated based upon previous scifi
Norm of the North $40m 200% Wide Estimate
The Nut Job 2 $60m 200% Wide Estimate (Nut Job ~ 42m)
Ride Along 2 $40m 200% Wide Estimate (Ride Along ~ 25m)
New in Theatres Budget % Available Theatres  
The Boy (2016) $20m 200% Wide Estimate - Horror
Dirty Grandpa $20m 200% Wide Estimate
New in Theatres Budget % Available Theatres  
Fifty Shades of Black $20m 200% Wide IMDB (Estimated)
The Finest Hours $85m 200% Wide Wikipedia
Kung Fu Panda 3 $140m 300% Wide Wikipedia
Lights Out $20m 200% Wide Estimate
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