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Baumer's 50 Best Christmas movies of all time

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Well, it's that time of year.  It's my favourite time of year.  You honestly have no idea how much I love Christmas.  I love the religious aspect of it (I'm not overly religious), I love the commercialism of it (shopping for my family and friends is a blast), I love the feeling of it....I just love it.  My mother decorated the entire house and we always had a big tree and lots of Christmas Carols playing by the classic artists like Bing Crosby, Burl Ives and so many others.  Christmas is a state of mind, for me anyway.  Now as an adult living in one bedroom, I still have the whole room decorated.  And when I get my own house, hopefully next year, it'll be decorated from head to toe.  Christmas is that time of year when people are more pleasant, more giving and more festive.


I also love a good Christmas movie....love love love.  And there are many of them.  


I wanted to wait until the first day of December to start this.  There will be many films on here that you know and love and there will be some on here that you may think are terrible.  But if a film has a Christmas theme to it, chances are I like it.  This list will be very very low on horror and I'll tell you straight up that Bad Santa won't make this list.  Not quite my tempo.  


I hope you enjoy.  This will go fairly fast and I welcome all of your comments.  I will definitely have it done before Christmas Eve.


For the purpose of this countdown, I'm including just a few TV movies...not many of them, but there are a few films that are part of the Christmas fabric that deserve to be on here.  


And btw.....I just last night got a chance at my first viewing of one of the all time classic films I had never seen before....and it makes the top ten on this list for sure.


I'll get started later today.


BTW....here's a few shots of my room.....keep in mind this is just a bedroom and the flash is on the camera so it doesn't look as festive as when the lights are off.


Fireplace channel with Christmas Carols



Michael with some holly




Small tree and a movie that might make this list




Scruff the reindeer



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And I will be back to liking every Post in this thread. You posting here you make a comment you give me your opinion I will like your post. Just call me blankments for the next 3 weeks.

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5 minutes ago, miketheavenger said:

My go-to favorites usually are Christmas Vacation and believe it or not The Polar Express. The latter is probably a rather controversial choice, but I personally really love it.


My daughter absolutely loooooves Polar Express.


I'm buying her a copy this Christmas along with the movie Krampus.

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I have a whole dvd set of Christmas movies I go through, some of my favorites are National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, It's a Wonderful Life, the classics like Charlie Brown, Rudolph, etc.  I also like a little known one of Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas.  I have others too :) 

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Krampus must be a hit with the young kids then. My 7 year old niece has already asked me for that show them for Christmas. She loves it.

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