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Winter Game SOTM 13 - It's a Monster!!!

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We've had a few questions of this stype as SOTMs, but this is the last one I promise. And Hey!!! Math!!!! :D:D 



But we need to do something monumental to celebrate the release of the soon to be cult phenomenon: Monster Trucks!!!


This is a 3 part question. Each part has its own wins and losses attached, but all three parts must be attempted.


Part 1:


Here is a link to BOM's top 200 worst ever Saturated (2500+ theatre) openings:




1. Predict where on this list you believe Monster Trucks will finish. If Monster Truck's final finishing position is higher than your prediction (e.g you predict 10th and it finishes 4th), you will score (200 - your predicted number) x 500 points.


(If you predicted the position perfectly, your score here is doubled).


However if your prediction is too high, you will lose (200 - your predicted number) x 250 points. 


(If you believe that Monster Trucks will not make the top 200, you can predict MISS. If you are correct you will win 25,000 points, if you are wrong you will lose 12,000 points.) 



Part 2:


Which of the following films will Monster Trucks fail to pass with its total gross by the end of the game?


1. Vampires Suck ($36.66M)   2000 / 1000

2. Bride of Chucky ($32.38M) 3000 / 2000

3. Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 ($26.43M)  5000 / 3000

4. Elm Street 5: The Dream Child ($22.17m)   7000 /5000


5. The Fly 2 ($20.02M) 9000 / 7000

6. Pet Sematary 2 ($17.09M) 12000 / 10000

7. Breakin' 2: Eectric Boogaloo ($15.10M) 16000 / 12000

8. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For ($13.76M) 20000 / 15000


9. Hellraiser III ($12.53M) 25000 / 20000

10.  The Man with Two Brains ($10.35M) 30000 / 25000


If you are in any of the correct sections, you will score the left hand score. If your prediction is too greedy and thus wrong, you will lose the right hand value.




Part 3: 


What will Monster Trucks Gross Worldwide by the end of the game?


Correct to within $2M - Win 50,000

Correct to within $5M - Win 25,000

Correct to within $12.5M - Win 15,000

Correct to within $25M - Win 7,000

Correct to within $32M - Win 0


Outside of $32M Lose 20,000



You must go for all three or abstain from all three. 


Abstaining will get you 3000 points. 


Deadline is the usual. 


Enjoy :) 

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