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Geostorm OS Thread

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On 10/10/2017 at 4:46 PM, NamakFiskKa said:

I'm guessing another Inferno but idk whose bigger internationally ?


Disaster flick or Tom Hanks/Da vinci series

I'd say Hanks in Da Vinci series. Disaster flicks are too mainstream for audiences. Gone are the days when disaster were easy sell. But im still not able to digest the fact that San Andreas made 500m 

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8 minutes ago, John Rambo said:

Lets be pessimistic about this one. Well established property like IDR grossed less than 400M. This one has neither IDR appeal knor star power. 

For now 200-250 if china eats up.


I doubt they will

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UPDATED: Geostorm starring Gerard Butler and directed by Dean Devlin partly made up for its lame North American debut with an estimated $38m international haul that came in above weekend reports and results in a $52.1m running total. South Korea led the openers on $5.3m, followed by Russia on $5.2m, Mexico on $3.8m, and the UK on $2.2m.


Source: Screen Daily 

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