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HELLBOY | April 12 2019 | David Harbour

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Word is spreading that Del Toro said at Comic Con that he was so moved by the story of the little Hellboy fan battling leukemia, whose make-a-wish saw Ron Perlman dress up as Hellboy for him, that he now wants to persue Hellboy III.

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Del Toro may have to finance it himself.Hellboy made 99m WW on a 66m budget and HB2 made 160m WW on a 85m budget. I still think it was ballsy to spend 85m on a sequel to a film that didn't even break 100m WW.While both were received well, neither film really broke out compared to their budgets.Plus Perlman will be 63 by the time they get done with pre production. He's not exactly a "boy" anymore.Even though I loved the first two, I highly doubt HB3 happens. Probably wishful thinking more than anything else.

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I finished PAC RIM way under budget and under schedule. As of this writing I am WEEKS ahead on my delivery to ILM- so, all I needed was to get Legendary WB to authorize us HOW to spend the money we had for post (vis a vis the 3D conversion, which was not originally contemplated) but that doesn't immediately translate into HB III or ATMOM. Studios calculate investments (specially in sequels) based on the grosses of each installment. Both HB and HB II were profitable to the studios but that was back in the day when DVD / home video was exceedingly rentable. Now the numbers become more conservative. PAC RIM is a big concept film that has a very clear universe and stakes. The Hellboys have always been tricky to market and many merchandising deals have even fallen through based in the title alone. The third part is also the one that requires the biggest budget because HB has to become the Beast and thus bring the end of the world to fruition. Not a cheap scenario.Financing is always more complicated (and mysterious) than it seems from the outside.BestGDT

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