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SOTM 10 - All the points can be yours!!! (but umm probably won't be?) Deadline: Thursday 3rd Aug, 11:59pm

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Read this one closely as there will be some scoring (and losing) caps put in place to make sure this doesn't get too insane.


So we have 5 weeks left until the end of the game!! So what better SOTM than to have you predict every weekend for every film until it ends? 


In my eyes, nothing is better, but I am sure somebody out there would bitch and moan about it, so therefore i have decided to leave it up to you how much you wish to do.


The challenge. Predict the weekend percentage change of any movie you want* for each of the next 5 weekends. (* by any movie I mean any movie in the top 15 for the July 28-30th weekend). 


You can choose to predict for as many films as you like (even all 15, but every film must have predictions for the next 5 weekends). 


I will add up the number of percent you are wrong by each weekend, to give you a total percentage of wrongness per film predicted. 


E.G: You choose Emoji Movie and predict:


20%  -  10%  -  50%  -  25%  -  20%


The real changes were:


10%  - 10%  -  30%  -  30%  -  15%


So your total percentage of wrongness (TPOW) for Emoji Movie is:


10 +  0  +  20  +  5  +  5  = 40% (This will be the number that determines your score for that film. 



A TPOW of 0-9.99% - 25,000 points

A TPOW of 10-19.99% - 20,000 points

A TPOW of 20-29.99% - 15,000 points

A TPOW of 30-39.99% - 10,000 points

A TPOW of 40-49.99% - 5,000 points

A TPOW of 50% or more - Lose 15,000 points


* Scoring range will be capped at between Minus 75,000 and positive 225,000 points. If you score outside of this range, the score will be capped at either the maximum or minimum score.


** All predictions will  be assumed to be decreases, if you believe that a film may increase on a certain weekend, please specifically say it will increase.


*** Abstaining is worth Minus 10,000 points, Not entering is worth Minus 20,000 points. 


**** Deadline is the usual Thursday night deadline. 

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