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Jake Gittes

You Were Never Really Here | Lynne Ramsay | Joaquin Phoenix | Cannes winner | April 2018

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"A missing teenage girl. A brutal and tormented enforcer on a rescue mission. Corrupt power and vengeance unleash a storm of violence that may lead to his awakening."


International trailer just dropped. This made a lot of waves in Cannes, I recall reading that Ramsay only arrived with a DCP the night before the screening (the film didn't even have any credits), which itself was on the final day of the festival. It won Best Actor and Best Screenplay, and was praised to high heaven with people describing it as extremely brutal and violent and bringing up Taxi Driver and Man on Fire as comparisons. 


Amazon picked it up for US distribution, but there's no release date yet, and weirdly it's skipping Toronto as well. Makes me think it's gonna be set for next year.


Ratcatcher and We Need to Talk About Kevin are both stunning films so this has been one of my most anticipated from the moment I learned about it.



Clip from three months ago:




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Just saw this at LFF. Not impressed, to be honest. Found it dull, dreary and unfocused. That said, I can very easily see this being a 'Love it or Hate it' sort of movie, since it is pretty arthousy (and arthouse pics aren't usually my thing) and it does have a notable style to it. Admittedly, it's a style that I personally found unengaging and uninteresting, but I could see it working better for the sorts of people who enjoy that sort-of-thing.


Also, it was short. So that's a plus.

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I found via advertisements on Box Office Mojo that the film, after opening in limited release on April 6th, will play 'everywhere' -- I'm assuming this means 'wide' -- on April 20th against I Feel Pretty, Super Troopers 2, and Traffik.

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Still processing, didn't love everything - it gets too heavy-handed/portentous on occasion and feels a little at war with itself, or more specifically with the "lonely violent man rescuing underage girl"-related tropes - but it's quite something all the same. Technically nearly as formidable as We Need to Talk About Kevin (great use of jagged editing and sound effects), a welcome injection of absurdity here and there, an inspired ending, Phoenix reliably great. Not nearly as explicitly brutal as I expected but effective when it needs to be, and surprisingly rich for something that initially seems so bare-bones. Don't be missing out on this.

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