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WINTER SOTM 4 - Let's go on a Journey with Thor, Hulk and maybe we'll bring Jeff along too. Deadline Thursday October 2nd 11:59

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It's a simple one to kick of SOTMs the main game proper. 


Thor is the 17th MCU film to date. 




Your job is to predict what position Thor Ragnarok will be in on that list on a week by week basis (for up to 8 weeks).


The scoring will work as follows:


Week 1:  2000 / 1000  (that means 3000 if correct, 2000 if incorrect)

Week 2:  3000 / 2000

Week 3:  4000 / 3000

Week 4:  5000 / 4000


Week 5:  7000 / 5000

Week 6:  10000 / 6000

Week 7:  15000 / 9000

Week 8:  20000 / 12000


You can answer as many weeks as you like, but you cannot skip a week.


Each week is also scored separately from all of the others.


So if you predict that Thor will open to 650M, but it doesn't actually pass Avengers 1 until week 4, you will get the positive score for week 4, but the negatives for 1, 2, and 3.


You can also abstain for 1000 points. 


Deadline is Thursday 11:59pm forum time. (ish)  

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