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Madagascar 3 OS Thread

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Madagascar 2----Madagascar 3----Country40,665,152-------70,000,000-------Russia45,925,782-------60,000,000-------Germany42,257,796-------60,000,000-------France34,915,869-------50,000,000-------Italy35,471,617-------40,000,000-------UK20,426,689-------30,000,000-------Spain16,949,456-------30,000,000-------Brazil16,865,859-------30,000,000-------Mexico5,278,943--------20,000,000-------China15,093,421-------20,000,000-------Australia

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Why ?Its safe to say above KFP2.

Recent trend in performance of sequels says otherwise.KFP2 and SH2 barely increased when you count China out, despite KFP and SH having great appreciation. Additionally, IA4 will cannibalize it in whatever markets it will be releasing in June-July. I think a decrease is inevitable, just how much is the question. Edited by Fake
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Ice Age will definitely corner the kids market in June and July. The only chance that Madagascar has of going above 500m is if it gets Asia. Unfortunately, Madagascar 2 and Ice Age 3 both didn't do well in Asia so Asia is definitely looking for a breakout hit like Kung Fu Panda 2. Who knows if Brave will go back to previous Pixar hits in Asia. Madagascar definitely has a chance but animation hasn't done blockbuster numbers in Asia since Kung Fu Panda 2 but that is due to it being a cultural factor than a worldwide hit.

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